William Ruto Behind The Scenes Schemes to Scuttled Uhuru Kenyatta Agenda | David Ndii Tapped

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William Ruto Behind The Scenes Schemes to Scuttled Uhuru Kenyatta Agenda | David Ndii Tapped

Allies of Deputy President William Ruto are seeking to scuttle President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administrative agenda as the messy falling out within the ruling party gets merciless.

The William Ruto axis ( David Ndii team )will file a court petition to stop the Building Bridges Initiative process. If successful, it will deal a blow to the…



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  1. 1. You are inciting the the country by saying Oscar Sudi's statement was meant to cause disunity between the two communities, Kenyatta family is not the Gikuyu community, withdraw that,
    2. David Ndii is not a representative of the DP.
    3. Handshake was an agenda to silence opposition not to dick about the looting mwananchi's money like the KEMSA, Uhuru is building his retirement comfort, Kenya will shock you soon, we shall revisit this

  2. My freand please stop misleading us, you want to tell us that dr david ndii is working with ruto?????? be serious pls, there is no way dr ndii can work with ruto NEVER EVER, and i read comments here supporting that theory, pls lee dr ndii can never ever work with ruto, dr ndii is working with the civil society, not with ruto. and remmeber dr ndii has been working towards having a better kenya since mois days,dr ndii really helped mwai kibaki in his economy recovery, and kenya did very well during kibakis first time in office, pls lee dr ndii cant work with or for ruto, take that to the bank, siku jema my freand

  3. The dp Ruto is overthrowing the Uhuru government. Lee i really regret your understanding of politics when you say that Ruto is playing smart politics. That is stupidity of high degree. If president Uhuru is planning something good for the country/his agendas and his dp is down playing it all that affect the Kenyan people not Uhuru. Kenyans are not fools but are smart to drain all the corrupted cash and leave him akitangatanga.

  4. My friend Lee.
    Don T Be suppressed or surprised.
    Mr Dr Hustler.. can't get in hapa..
    His feared, anoogopewa…..
    Only man in Kenya with same numbers of makeiii.
    But moto sana…
    Can't u see he's targeted left right n center..

  5. The president created all these divisive politics when he woke up in middle of the night to shake hands with the peoples president without his deputy, i don’t know how it would have been, if the DP was the one who brought up the handshake in the middle of the night, but all these claims about early campaign was to stop the DP from going around the country doing development projects which both had agreed, until the the third party came in, convincing the president he’s being overshadowed by his DP. The invisible BBI is not a uniting factor, that’s why it’s being delayed, the president needs to stop divisive and tribal politics, and using police to do dirty jobs for corrupt government officials. I didn’t see an empty seat with the DP symbol at that senate meeting, so evidently he wasn’t invited, as usual. These childish politics are bringing this country down. We’re the hustler nation 2022🇰🇪🇰🇪.

  6. You have founded the whole talk on speculations. Te Ndii narrative, etc. Don't you think they are also seeking political spaces and relevance and not to scuttle the agenda of the president? And what makes you think the president is now genuinely in need to leave a legacy? 2 Years before the end of the tenure?