Why she brings her friends on your date and what to do about it

Why she brings her friends on your date and what to do about it

You’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get to know her, the moment finally comes and…


  1. Firstly thanks for this video it really makes alot of sense and bring more light into why things happen. Personally I don't feel comfortable when a girl brings her friend on a date because of many reasons. Some of which are distractions, makes me loose focus on why I invited her on a date trying to entertain her friends also. But then I get why it may happen and now how a clearer understanding on how to handle the situation if it happens again. Thanks to you.

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  3. Thank you Jessica really for raising this topic and this was one of my experience during my first date and to tell you the truth i was not comfortable and happy during that moment when she brought her friends

  4. Is it the same thing if your gf wants to invite her friends together with me on a trip and i just want to be with her?

  5. If she brings her friends on our date she will live to regret that everyday because I will get secretly all her friends numbers and break their back bones in the bedroom.

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  7. It happened to me with 1 woman multiple times…craziest part is the friend would pick up my tab sometimes and I would pick up hers others…I ended up liking the friend way more sorry I didn't keep in touch

  8. I would Walk away if she brings her friends on a date

  9. Jessica, I like your Channel but to be honest with you Marriage is just a Name, a term and a contract.
    It doesn't make one automatically successful as you may think. Being married does not magically make one motivated to reach any goal, it is just a Term and a Contract where you devote your entire life, energy and resources, is committed to a woman whose only goal is to have a Slave also a Simp (who sees himself as king, mental slavery if you will) and Continuously milk him dry down till the very last drop.
    Ever wonder why most husbands are thinner than their wives, while the wives look like baby elephants? It is because the man has been tirelessly working day and night, to Feed a Parasite whose only value to give is sex. Yes, few women offer way more than sex, but the Majority wins the vote, right?

  10. If she shows up with her friend, then I'll make it a date for two☺…there's big room enough for love☺☺☺

  11. Jessica what can we all do without you?…Nothing!… Thank you for always coming through…. You are indeed the goddess of this temple… Thank you🤗

  12. Jess is so painful and expensive

  13. If she's an adult (18+) and you're meeting in a well known, very public establishment, she has zero need to bring along a friend.

    If she had a previous bad experience and needs a babysitter then she should go get some therapy (we all need it to deal w trauma) before trying to start dating again.

    If you ask a chick out and she declines due to something else but doesn't suggest an alternative day/time for a date, don't contact her again. Is pointless.

  14. Even if the woman is shy, bringing non-invited people is just rude and tacky. If she is that shy, she should COMMUNICATE that, and engage in more talking before venturing out on a date. Dates are for getting to know each other. An uninvited '3rd wheel' won't help that.

    As for the girl who decides to go on a date that she doesn't really want to, AND brings friends, if he is still sitting there after that happens, he's a fool. C'mon, really? You're disrespected in that manner and you put up with it? Then you get what you deserve. I think he should just walk out b4 ordering.

    My belief is that, if someone brings an uninvited friend on a date, there's no romantic interest at all, and you should call it a wrap. Now, if he allows it, it's on him. Ba-da-bing! Ba-da-boom!

  15. Thumb up Jessica for your work, marvelous really. To me, it has happened. I only did my best to let her enjoy that moment but I could not go extra mile because I want her Friends to enjoy too. We all enjoyed what I program for two of us then later I explained to her on phone that I wasn't expecting her coming with her friends

  16. I feel like they are being very disrespectful if they show up with a friend without telling me ahead of time

  17. I would consider that a meet-and-greet more than a date. Find out before you set the time and space for an evaluative encounter versus an individual outing.💯👆

  18. if some psychotic girl not capable to come on date alone, she is probably not capable for good relationship.

  19. physical beauty shouldn't be a reason for choosing a spouse because we are in an era in which people carry out enlargement because they perceived that the opposite gender prefers them big and sexy

    For those seeking life partners one should look out for disagreements, issues, conflicts, sins, and misunderstandings, conflicts reveal the strength or resilience of a person. Disagreements or misunderstandings reveal the way a person thinks.

  20. Hello thanks for the good work,I need your advice I want my girl to fall in love with me again but everytime I talk about it, she becomes annoyed, she doesn't want to settle this matter but am in deep love with her.i don't know what to do

  21. If I am paying for her friends then I am gonna try and hook up with the friend too!!! Just being honest.

  22. I feel another way is to ask her before hand if she is coming with a +1 and discuss abt it .

  23. Even on the other side of life I'll be watching your videos…. Nice one

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