Why Korean Have Smooth Skin | Facts About South Korea | Beauty | #shorts #youtubeshorts #southkorea

Why Korean Have Smooth Skin | Facts About South Korea | Beauty | #shorts #youtubeshorts #southkorea

If you’ve been wondering what Korean women do and how they do it to get that…


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  1. ❤She is looking very nice and pretty ☺️

  2. BTSBEST❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. Is not true most teen koreans suffer from acne korea isnt just bts

  4. I love you 😘😘😘😘😘 v

  5. South korea ka climate alag hota hai isliye waha ke log gore hote hai 🙏

  6. bakwas
    unke genetics hi aise h bina beard k
    chotte bachhe lgte h

  7. I do not understand what he sayy!! Someone pls help! 😅😥

  8. Ek bhi reason dhng ka diya🤣

  9. The most spicy and fried food is eaten in South Korea only, and the skin of the people of Korea is good and white because South Korea is above the Tropic of Cancer, so it is because of the environment that the skin of the South Korean people is fair and beautiful, as many The countries that come above the Tropic of Cancer, their skin is white and beautiful,

  10. Genetics and pollution free environment

  11. Dukar beef khate rehte aur tu bol raha oil kam khate😈

  12. Are bhai yai unkey gens mai hota hai…ishka matlab hun kya khate hai…kuch bhi

  13. It depends on genes….I'm Indian here one of my friend sister she is super smooth n white skin ..we all belong from middle same class she don't even use cream and never maintain foods etc besides ate lots of spicy stuffs but still looks awesome more than the celebrities

  14. and at last I want to say that:


  15. genetics chapter shed apne school me chor diya tha

  16. Korean beauty secrets 😘
    1.plastic surgery

  17. Ooo bts Nancy and jinnie 😘😘😘😘

  18. INDIAN WOMEN and GIRLS are the best and Most Beautiful and INDIA has Won Most Title of MISS WORLD 🥰🏆🌍😍🙏

  19. Me seeing bts and bp skins

  20. Aree skin me differnce भौगोलिक परिस्थति परिवेश के karan hota h

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