Why Is China So Bad At Basketball

The NBA is the most popular sports league in China. Basketball is the most watched and played sport in China but it still doesn’t help them to have a player in the NBA. Why?



  1. 5:04 🤦 Don't hardcode subtitles into your video if they're going to be the same inaccurate autogenerated crap that YouTube already provides! If I want to see autogenerated subs I can easily turn them on myself!

  2. go tell that to europeans! they are the ones who culturally are notorious to doing everything "by the book" according to strict rules and discipline with no room for improvisation or creativity. this can be easily seen in football when comparing european players and Latin Americans

  3. I grew up in China and i love basketball. Here is what i found that causing issues:1. Resources are used in wasted talent and not open to all young people. No one train me and i can beat a so-called "athlete" on 100 m sprint!! 2.Relationships matters more!! If you do not have any relationship with coach or a great family, you will be bullied and treated like a asshole! a guy with 1.8 m high in my high school was beaten because his family is poor!! 3.Training is missing and teacher never taught us good knowledge of how train muscle or how to prevent injury or how to play basketball! the teacher who taught us physical class only taught us to be like guard of honor… like 45 min for a class… 30 min is used for guard of honor…. 15 min free activities… What the hell!! we can just grab a guy form street to teach us!!! what do you think??????!!!!!!! The physical class teacher only bully and laugh at my classmate and me… Or worse cases, the physical class was taken over by other course due to university entrance exam….

  4. All the children’s in China right now is forced under extreme peer pressure and educational pressure that there’s barely any time for sports, many of the teen-adults that are just exposed to society is already hurried by parents to get married and have a stable income, the supply chain for future athletes has completely died out, I expect that there will be barely anymore famous Chinese athletes soon coming to the world stage for the next 20 or so years as hard as that may sound.

  5. china was dominating asian basketball during the 80s-00s because they had the biggest players… but now that the norm is about shooting and positionless basketball, it feels like a lot of other countries already surpassed them

  6. Truths are always hurts, but no pain no gain, somehow, our so-called CBA has combined with too many shit outside of the court and that's how the Chinese basketball developed into today's sistuation. Any way, a tumble-up for your video, but if you ask me if any advise can i offer to nowdays' Chinese Basketball, acutally, i have no idea what to do and how to do. Saddly….

  7. gotta say that Yao Ming took a huge risk and he trieed everything he could, but he alone cannot beat the system and, well, the political shits around basketball in China. This happens to almost all team sports in China, like when was the last time you heard anything exciting about China's national soccer team? As a Chinese I feel extremly sorry about this fact but there seems no way of improvement on this situation. Thank you so much for the video and you hit every point. Keep it up!

  8. 中国人常常抱怨为什么足球,篮球越来越差。但是问他们自己,愿不愿意让孩子放弃学业当职业球员。

  9. Chinese coaches are so toxic. i remember in hs i had a chinese coach man was straight adamant that only the center could enter the paint, only the sg could shoot and that the sf and pg should never touch the ball for more then 1 dribble 😂😂😂

  10. When the teams are owned by the government, the league will not thrive. Outside of China, the teams are private enterprises run by capitalists, thus the leagues of Japan and Korea, and even in the middle East eventually dominate. If China wants their league to thrive, the government needs to step back and let some capitalists run their league. However, that would be a cold day in hell, so in the meantime get used to China basketball to continue to suck.

  11. also philippines,generally asians suck at basketball….even in fiba world cup all asian teams were losing except for japan….conclusion.asians suck at basketball compared to europeans,americans and africans

  12. You should know the cultural and social context in which some sports are created. Logically speaking, no country should be stronger than its country of origin in the sport of basketball.


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