Why Hollywood Lacks Roles for Black Actresses | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

Why Hollywood Lacks Roles for Black Actresses | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey Network

Hollywood has often been criticized for its lack of consistently available roles for black…


  1. Plus, my mom gave great advise, she said if you're not satisfied with what's out there, or you don't see what you want out there? Go out and do it, or create it on your own.

  2. Sometimes it's about writing roles of what you know, & experience, so for lots of these script writers in the media – they're mostly white men. But you see lots of these men writing roles with or for women too, & they become big hits. (Thelma & Louise, Aliens) I think its sometimes about attraction. For some reason they feel there's nothing interesting to tell from a black women's story. And possibly there's not much imagination to what a black women's story COULD be. What? A prostitute? A single mother? A bad mother? A drug addict? A criminal's girlfriend? A harsh judge or lawyer? A maid? A housekeeper? A nanny? Its been those same roles since the beginning. We still live in a world where the darker, nappier, or bigger a woman is, the less attractive she is. So perhaps there's not much CARE about what she goes through.

  3. Tyler makes a very valid point here but I think that's only part of the prob. How many movies have we seen about ancient Egypt for example w/ the pharaohs etc n they have the entire royal Egyptian fam completely white?! That Exodus: Gods & Kings movie is a typical example of that. That's the kinda stuff that really annoys me cuz it's like even when factual history itself calls for blacks actors they choose to use white actors. It's pretty sad!


  5. Oprah and other AA with money need to invest and make their own Hollywood so to speak.  When we as a ppl are going to realize that we will only be given bits and pieces out of their world and I'm not mad at them because that's how it has always worked and I'm not mad at them. I'm not saying that it is right, but reality.   That is one thing I admire about Tyler Perry.

  6. hell yeah, now they got shows where you only see one black person in most of these shows like in Disney channels you only see one black kid and the rest of their friends is white , the kids is black dark skinned and the parent is light skinned … smh

  7. Bottom line…this country tries to keep black people down (yes I said it, cliche, not!) because where ever we are, we don't adapt to the environment (film, fashion, music, art, food, etc), we change the environment to look like us – they are afraid of that!

  8. The black experience as it's presented in Hollywood of gangs, drugs, sex doesn't sell. Now what movie have you seen besides those written by Tyler Perry and a few other movies like "Secret of Bees" have you not seen this stereotypical genre? Hollywood still have difficulty fitting us in societies presented in film they way that will incorporate ALL that we are where film imitates life.

  9. We don't need smooth words anymore…a white person can say that. We need it straight up no chaser.

  10. You might want to go to Indiewire and check out the Shadow and Act blog. There are plenty of Black directors making good indie films that don't have the machine behind them. My favorite film last year was Pariah and the writing was excellent.

  11. No, its's not "victimhood." It's called institutional racism and Mr. Perry has transcended that problem by becoming the first African-American with his own film studio.

  12. Tyler is correct! Most black chase after the Hollywood dream of riches and fame. Fact is, most starting writers in Hollywood are lucky if they make $10,000/yr let alone write something good enough to be read. Writing is a thankless job…long hours, no pay, no immediate gratification. It is a SACRIFICE. But blacks don't want to SACRIFICE. They want rewards without the work. So much easier to blame RACISM then the lack of ambition for limited opportunity.

  13. If y'all only knew what I am sitting here doing right now as I'm watching this. #HistoryToBeMade :')

    I, sometimes, just cannot believe how destiny works.

  14. You can actually tweet people from these shows and get a response from them. You couldn't tweet Tommy and ask him if he really had a job or ask Uncle Phil why he wouldn't just get a restraining order against Jazz. You'd be surprised at how much people like to be in others business. As for shows like the 90's…I think some people attempt…but it doesn't make it to the major non-cable networks.

  15. The last show I can remember like the 90's shows were My Wife and Kids and Bernie Mac. I agree that it can be hard to get into the Tyler Perry shows. For me I think that I have been following Tyler for a while and he seems to be getting a little bit repetitive. Plus the laughing track that he has with his shows is a bit annoying for me. Today with social media and reality shows everybody likes the thought of actually seeing and knowing about the train wrecks of peoples lives…

  16. You make a great point Happiness. I watched all those shows plus some I can't even remember, and now I wonder why there were more black/African american shows then that I felt I could watch then now. Now in 2013, I can't think of one show like the ones you named that I can watch. I mean like a new show with new episodes. Maybe I'm missing something? I tried to watch those Tyler shows but I can't get into them.

  17. Chris Rock is the first to make the idea mainstream however, he is not the first who exposed the politics of Black Women's hair. There are authors who've written wonderful articles about it. As I said there is a limited amount of opportunity in the world no matter what your skin color is.Black women are sharing their experiences its just not mainstream or in your face. That's all on purpose. Just because Tyler made it it doesn't mean every other black person can. It's a lie.

  18. I'm sure there are tons of writers, and films makers BUT there are only a few slots available. Its not about us expecting others to tell our stories. We have the story some of us need the OPPORTUNITY. Even with the opportunity there is racism and sexism and many other issues black people face in America. The world is so deceived.

  19. When it happens, remember i said it first

  20. What a smooth way for Tyler Perry to describe the racism in the industry.

  21. I now pple will be wondering why I am saying this, But I would love Beyonce to stare in one of Tyler perry's Movies.

  22. I'm glad Tyler is out still making show's with African Americans. It's the last of a few scripted shows for African Americans. I miss the days I grew up watching Fresh Prince, The Cosbys, Martin, Living Single, and A Different World! Those type of shows should comeback. A Different World made you ready to go to college at 10 years old, lol

  23. I think it would be nice if OWN could get Shonda to do a show for the network! I think one of the good things about Scandal (and Grey's Anatomy as well) is that Shonda has a diverse cast. People of all walks of life are together. I like how Kerry is the main character, but I also am so happy for Guillermo (Huck). I love that Jeff Perry (Cyrus) plays a gay politician.

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