Why GM’s All-Electric Future Is A Big Gamble

Why GM’s All-Electric Future Is A Big Gamble

GM is one of the world’s largest automakers. It has a range of models falling under its four…


  1. They need to perfect the infrastructure (electrical grid, charging network, etc.) as well as the car itself. They (all car makers) are not ready. Windmills and solar won't do it.


  3. GM needs to start selling EVS now! Or Joe Biden will just use our tax dollars to bail out GM again……🤡

  4. I'll take the inconvenience if it means I can flip off the greedy #^**s oil pigs! And contribute to the health of the planet for my descendants!
    It's a big gamble because the f n oil people don't want them to succeed. So they are producing bogus productions that make them sound like 💩 Much in the way the a holes back in the day said the inturnal combustion engine would only be a fad! Don't let the greedy asses talk you out of going electric! They have enough billions!

  5. GM is too far behind the Experience Curve on EV and are splitting mfg. They must fail.

  6. GM is years behind the Experience Curve and will go bankrupt by 2025

  7. Main thing for g.m. is no quality control problems or recalls . Go figure !

  8. Thy obviously are not counting the 30,000 Tesla chargers … biased ? Sure are !

  9. Buy some Caterpillar stock because mining for some of the metals needed will skyrocket. they will need those big (mostly diesel ) off highway trucks and equipment.

  10. I dont think anyone who has driven an EV will want an ICE car if they reach price parity (they will the way things are going). They are just much easier to maintain. Instant torque. Less complex things.

  11. They will want to bring back lynching also. Anyone who doesn't buy an electric car is a racist.

  12. I think it's stupid to make broad promises like that. They should instead have said, "We aim to ship 75% EV's and 25% ICE by 2035" or similar.

  13. To me the fact that demand for ev’s remains low is what makes Tesla’s valuation ridiculous.

  14. TESLA has yet again sent General Motors, Stellantis and Ford Motor Company to hell with their EV manufacturing.

    The share holders of these 3 companies can save several millions a year by sacking their current CEO's and letting Elon handle their manfacturing. Musk is the only person that can turn a company into profit within 24hours of running it, no one else has that insight… (Mary who?).

  15. 30 Evs while Tesla only has 4 cars and is mastering them slowly

  16. I love motor cars? 😁

  17. GM sold out the US to China

  18. GM is about to be Destroyed by the ghost of the EV1 that they so ruthlessly murdered all those years ago………. Bye Felicia.

  19. GM is currently a Large Joke———. 30 different EV’s—-???? They produced 25 last year!!!! They will NEVER catch Tesla or other EV start ups AND in case they haven’t noticed The brains required to design these vehicles have already been snatched up by other EV companies.———. The Ghost of the EV1 is going to take it’s revenge biGLY.

  20. lets think carefully : maybe zero tailpipe emissions might no necessarily mean an EV? the recent announcement of ICE engines using hydrogen as fuel also falls in this category! perhaps there are behind the scene power moves in RnD that does not involve EV that we are not aware of being developed by car makers? even china has trucks running on methanol which is close to zero emissions compared to petrol/diesel and i feel renewable liquid/gas fuels that takes only as long to top up as petrol/diesel could still play a major wrong alongside if not instead of EVs!

  21. hope GM fails in the EV market

  22. The Hot Rod guys will swap LS1's into them!

  23. Hydrogen is coming eventually. Charge times, no DIY, serious expense, expensive repairs, toxic waste source. Ele. transport detractions billions of deteriorating auto batteries? Things have cost’s and pay offs

  24. GM should just close their doors now they will never catch up the Tesla. Tesla has been doubling their production every year. GM can't even get the tail light the new Hummer to work properly. Come on how long has GM been making tail lights?

  25. EV's are no longer the future, they are here. The issue is GM, as they have been hampered with short sighted ideals. Leave it to them to really screw this up.

  26. The Tesla super chargers are exclusive and are the advantage is amazing.

  27. How they try to re write the EV1 disaster as "good" is shameful! What a horrible company. Glad to watch them go bankrupt a second and third time.

  28. Boy is this out of date!

  29. They don't tell how unstable batteries are they can catch on fire . Get very hot if there is a issue with them could have 1 bad battery and if in your garage could be no car no house or worse

  30. Anything that is a panacea usually isn’t.

  31. Gm cant beat tesla if they tried

  32. And they make these ev cars look ugly ass hell what about trucks i dont drive cars

  33. 6:13 current market shares of EVs in US vs EU vs China

  34. 9:59 the price cut off for KwH

  35. Gas stations will become charging stations eventually but il be old and not driving by then so who cares.

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