Why are South Indian actresses not represented enough in South Indian film industries?

Why are South Indian actresses not represented enough in South Indian film industries?

Although many exceptions within South India’s diverse population exist, most South Indians are…


  1. South Indian actor should go for surgery like Michael Jackson.

  2. you can watch singapore/malaysian indian films. they are majority of south indian descent. and they don't have a care to not to cast dark south indian descendants. we dont care about fair skin this much. Tho singapore and malaysian films sucks balls tho. lol

  3. Most of the north indians are also dark skinned but they want fair actresses in films

  4. Poorly researched content. Factually wrong. 95 % of actresses in south films are from kerala and karnataka and they are all fair skinned. Also why bolywood leading actress are from south

  5. I love brown girls but girls are dreaming of Western whites.
    Well I am light skinned than most Indian man even somewhat looked littlebit foreigner or Punjabi.
    Well i always go for facial features instead of skin colour.
    I don't mind to marrying a less unattractive girls if she is very well mannered otherwise it's no no.

  6. Very good video about tamil and Telugu flim industry about the giving roles to north indian actress considering white skin but in malayalam industry there were actress with talent can play a female character not looking her skin colour that because malayalam industry is different from other indian industries

  7. I really liked this video and hats off to the research you have done.

  8. Be it North or South, too much self-hatred and hatred in general is visible in the comments. Be it North, West, East, South, people really hate each other and themselves. Superiority complex which is extremely visible here is apparent in real life as well. India is an extremely racist country whether it's South or North, and it seems none wants to accept that, be it the "Level-headed" South Indians or the "brash" North Indians well, everyone is living in their own fantasy land, pretty much nothing changed, and nothing will change. Self-denial is a curse.

  9. south is very conservative

  10. You are totally wrong,the south india culture didn't allow a girl in exposed manner,where as north india
    Girls don't feel shy to expose there body.
    If you see sucessful films you will know they are heroines from south only.
    North only for glamour roles.

  11. This is absolutely not correct.
    Born and brought up in South India is different North. Girls feel shy and not expressive particularly in rural.
    South India represents nearly 35 crores population and there are many people with current skin tone.
    Hemamalini, Rekha, sridevi, Jayaprada, Iswarya Roy, the list is long
    It is just lack of passion. Mandana Pushpa fame. Looks very normal.
    Thare are many people are better than the people feel best even without makeup.

  12. Im a tamilian living in malaysia, i care a damn about skin colour, and recently i happen to watch a tamil serial frm india called.sundari, the heroine is a dark hued actress n the seriel received multiple awards n thousands of viewers.. isnt that great

  13. Vyjayantimala, Hemamslini,Sreedevi,Jayapradha, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone are few to note who are from south and famous. Yes I agree the fact there is an obsession for fair skin, however there can be some other reasons (dark truth i guess) as well. Katrina, Kangana acted in south industry during their initial phases

  14. Aishwarya South hema Malini south Shilpa south Indian. South beauti so beautiful

  15. Because south Indian actresses are working in Bollywood

  16. Judgement on fairness is completely unfair!

  17. It's Not Only The Problem With South Indian Film Industry….
    It Happens In Bollywood And Bhojpuri Films Too..

  18. I Live In Uttar Pradesh…
    And Here Fair Skin Is Related To Castes…
    Almost 80% Rajputs/Brahmins And Muslims Are Fair…
    And Almost 80 percent Dalits Have Dark Skins…

    It's Because Of Economic Conditions And Racial Differences..

  19. Racial discrimination. Period.

  20. Women age more and look more old than men I can say it confidentially now as before I thought Aishwarya Rai never but now she looks old too

  21. It is better to be criticised for who you are than be praised for what you are not

  22. As the natives of America says pale skin

  23. White women looks looks they have being under fed

  24. Black is buetiful the blacker the grapes the sweeter it is be proud off your colour

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