Why Africans Think Black Americans Are Lazy & Other Lies We've Been Told About You

Why Africans Think Black Americans Are Lazy & Other Lies We've Been Told About You

@ondirooganga covers a common trope we hear about Black Americans and where the lies came from.


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  1. Crazy but true. African move to USA they move to white community. They look at black Americans just like white people do. It is sad that the colonizations of the mime is so deep

  2. Its easier to just have 10 babies and live of the goverment by receiving a nice monthly check from each baby, free health insurance, free food, free education and free housing! Why would anybody would wanna go to school or get a job when everything is handed for free! Let the hard working people and the rich pay for all the expenses extracted from they salaries! America is beautiful!

  3. It is 2023 and the struggle is very real. Systematic racism against all blacks.

  4. Akon is butt fucced by the white supremacy. He controlled he don't own his life the muzugales do.

  5. Thank you for a balanced comment based on views from both sides of the fence.

  6. Negative propaganda to drive a race narrative. He's just part of the status quo, he will probably get better treatment from the power , when he returns to the USA.

  7. Africans as every other immigrant is used as a buffer for WS and must learn more but it's out there if you want it. It's not what you say… it's what many of you do to this day when you have the chance to learn , many want to hold a WS mindset… refusing to see truth.

  8. A long time.. 450 yrs.. guess how you were portrayed… the only opportunity in HOLLYWOOD throughout some of those years were those parts…for years. Fictional movies. WE in America only saw AFRICANS in the Jungle on TV, yet WE weren't stupid enough to believe it. Your exuses and immature understanding of what Black people have not only endured but WE have risen again and again and again. Be happy WE'VE don't our work and EVERYONE has benefitted.. 50 million and we are not ALL mouth poor as perceived. BET is owned by WHITE people for years now. WE are not las lowdown as you portray.

  9. Anything Africans are doing in America is because of African Americans! How do you judge a person’s struggles u know nothing of ?

  10. Please feel free to hit me up am serious i will answer any questions you may have❤😊

  11. Hey we can really have conversation

  12. This so sad 😢i want you to be your self meet i live in a mix neighborhood i have a fairly good job i never wore my tousers off my but i never sold drugs or committed any crimes never been too jail

  13. I truly appreciate this video. It is important that people respect and understand the plight of indigenous black peoples whose blood was toiled and soiAs many Africans escape the inequalities in their own countries, they look to the American system that has a vested interest in the countries they fled from. Meaning, programs and investments usually coming from a city or state funded international venture. This ignorance continues to make collaboration between our black people from different lands difficult. They Many that have never taken the time to learn about our history. @Callofmyancestors on podcast.

  14. That’s bullshit! Saying Africans didn’t know about racism in America smh

  15. Sounds like a bunch of excuses to excuse Africans for their treason

  16. Our ancestors died for our freedom even the freedom for black foreigners to come to America. No one would’ve came to America if we were still fighting segregation. Put some respect on that ✌🏾❤️

  17. When you really think about it some Africans are lost and will never be found. Just like Dr. Henrik Clark said, “you have no friends”. The re colonization and further destabilization of Africa is right around the corner.

  18. To call someone lazy who has built this country on blood sweat and tears literally is absurd to me . We endured more pain than a uneducated person can try to afflict on us with their false information 💪🏽

  19. Thank you the American blacks struggle continues from the days of cruel slavery

  20. Black Americans are not lazy they are tired working over four hundred years for free no vacation no breaks just time outs and transfer to one plantation or jail being raped sold exploited murdered no reparations no back pay

  21. Uhhh they wouldn't have content to sterotype if so called Black people didnt give them content to exploit

  22. If people don’t know that was a lie how we gonna be lazy and we built this country stop talking crazy

  23. Akon is right, there are some that can't see.

  24. True, akon is telling the truth

  25. There are around 7-8 unarmed, unjustified police shootings of black people per year in a nation of 330 million people. That is more rare than getting struck by lightning. The number for white people is actually higher than black people but it never gets media attention. The problem is a militarized police force, not racism. There is so much disinformation spread around regarding race in the US. The reason that black people lag behind other races isn't just discrimination, it is the high rate of crime, lack of 2 parent households (73% single parent households) and a high number of black students dropping out of high school. If black people valued education like Asians do, their income would skyrocket. As it is, many aren't even reading at an 8th grade level even when they graduate. Africans that come to the US have HIGHER average income than white people do BTW.

  26. Thank You🎈. Your perspective is wide and factual in many aspects. Born here in this US country as a Black Man brings many challenges but equally I understand on several levels of how to move and navigate through out this country. It's true that many many door a closed to you just because. This is why many give up. It's stated and true that Whyte people only have to swim using one stroke but most Black person's has to know 4 or 5 different strokes for most of the same jobs/career position. But don't trust me come see for yourself. Peace Queen 🎈👈🏿😎

  27. Well said. Unfortunately I was born in the U.S. Believe me when I say that I watch whites live the American dream while my people live the American nightmare. To make matters worse, I met true Africans treat us just like the whites.

  28. You are very wise dear


  30. Did he tell you he was smoking while he song lock up tell him that cause he is cancel here

  31. No that don’t make sense do not talk to us like we’re stupid you sound like you are defending him stop it

  32. That is not the same thing sister what he is saying he would not have nothing if it wasn’t for us give us are flowers

  33. Yea he just just like a white sup and he build his career of the back of African American please black people don’t put him in none of your videos

  34. We are not black Americans/we are afrikans stolen from Africa!!

  35. In which capacity and on whose behalf does Acon say these things?? Because he sang a few songs? Does this give him a platform to speak for the entire content?? Am sure if he had an education, he would be in a better position to understand the whole situation and be able to see things deferrently. Moreover, he is a corn man…….

  36. Hi I'm ready to come to Africa, whites be telling lies all the time. Whites don't want Us Black People to come together. 😊

  37. FTR your cousin calling us lazy does she not know the reason she's able to come here is because the sacrifices we made as Black Americans we fought for her kind to be able to come here but we are lazy ignorant assumptions smh.

  38. Why are Black Americans the most discriminated against amongst the diaspora? We are the Most successful and wealthiest of the diaspora. We are the group that had it worst. I love my country despite of the issues we endure. I would rather be here than in Africa or the Caribbean. I’m very well educated as well as financially successful. Everything we have we had to fight for which benefited other racial groups and immigrants. Black Americans are Resilient Hard Working people.

  39. thank you for honesty and perspective.

  40. I'm Going To Say This Only 1Time, If Anyone That Comes To Another Country And Have A Precocieve Notion That They Know Everything About The People That Lives In That Country Is Very Ignorant!!!!!!!,And Than Believe What Some One Else Tell Them About Another Race Is Ignorant!!!!!!!!!!And For A Person To Tell Someone That Another Race Is just Lazy And Dont Want To Work You Are Ignorant, And If You Believe That You Are Better Than That Person Than You Are Ignorant. And You Will Finally Get Your Wakeup Call, Because Those Same People That Are Telling You All This Nonsense, You Are Their New Slaves, And They Are Paying You Their Slave Wage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!So Just Keep Believe You Know More Than The Black People That Built America On Their Backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. I love asking Africans about the homeland. I love finding the similarities.

  42. Akon needs to be AHAMED of himself. But I’m going to let that rest for now. He know whose culture he stole to make his millions, but it isn’t about him, let’s keep it moving

  43. If you want to understand us more just red the Willy lech letter or look up the blacks that where already here such as the Moores
    My people die for lack of knowledge.

  44. It's it's the truth I'm from the Caribbean and that's all I seen here is laziness The Young ones

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