Who was behind the DRC’s attempted coup, and were Americans involved?

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Who was behind the DRC’s attempted coup, and were Americans involved?

The army of the Democratic Republic of Congo says it’s stopped an attempted coup on Sunday.
However, some opposition politicians have suggested President Felix Tshisekdi and his allies were actually responsible for the attack.

Al Jazeera’s Malcolm Webb reports from the capital, Kinshasa.

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  1. Every countries US want to put his Political Dog president on that particular place why?easy to America to go in and out and exploite everything you have!minerals, oil,that's what they need

  2. Dr Congo failed them self. It just alot of aggressive people looting the country .because Dr congo woman too busy dancing baseline guitar and man focusing of dressing brands name clothing

  3. This coup was deemed to fail, it was not carefully planned. Facebook streaming, that was a stupid move.

    Time of the coup and instructions, it was suppose to be a surprise coup.

  4. The west is always behind coups even there secretary of defense told the congressional committee last year they have been responsible for 13 of them across the world. Most of the west love Africa without Africans.

  5. Believe me that coup d’état was fake the coup leader campaigned Felix Tshisekedi presidential election in Congo don’t believe anything you see. The president of Congo plot a fake coup to demonized America if America was to involve in coup d’état they won’t send that guy and less 20 people only 3 to 5 people were armed. In reality America did not involve in that fake coup d’état. It’s all lies.

  6. Malanga was in the US army and is part of foundation in Swaziland where he shared board with Israelis. Also he has a private army there who handles security for the king of said country.

  7. Coups in Africa is intensifying in last recent years. They should take a research on what cause to this problem. There are many countries that are on the verge of collapse if they are not addressed.