When a Pro Plays a Baby Account in War Robots

  1. There will most likely be another Baby Account before the end of the month as I still need to open up my Black Market and Special Delivery Crates.

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  2. my normal acc is running a phantom,a fenrir,an ivory ravana,a mender and a strider.Also an arthur for a titan..Pretty similar 🤔

  3. Love this hangar so much especially the phantom I run a hangar like this meaning Older bots

  4. Yo Adrian, you should really get a second hangar when you have the weapons effective for your robots

  5. Short but sweet and entertaining ✌🏾

  6. Baby Account Gameplay 🙂💪👌

  7. I want to see a young stud who pay to win being hit by concrete truck

  8. helloo i am running level 10 taran puncher build on fenrir and planning to change them into flame build. btw are there any reasons you prefer taran-puncher over flame build on fenrir? are flames weak these days?


  9. Why you don't use glacier's on any of your builds bro

  10. Hy adrian
    my idea is :The blink
    Stellar phantom (1 fatal havok 2 tiger scatter ) olga minima
    Techno scorpian (2 freedom ingniter 1 scavenger blaze ) iskra
    Kitsun harpy (1 spirit smuta 2 spirit razdor) yang lee
    Siren (2 dread incinerator 1 dread scald ) peregrin raine
    Retro revenant(1 cruel bane 2 prototype toxin) vasilisa maximova
    Baihu luchador (1 lunar groom 2 oolong cinder).

  11. Fantastic video and yes don't fire when stealinging becons 🤣👍

  12. Hey Adrian which build would you prefer for revenant. Bane toxin or Ember blaze? I also have a puncher but id prefer to use a full build on a revenant. I have Raphael petit, but also have midea nerium, and a perfect nebula setup. Pre nerf i wouldve run bane toxin but since the dot effect has been nerfed its also nerfed the dps, so now im hesistant.

  13. I got a mercury from the black market silver chest on my new account after I can’t access my old one anymore

  14. Nice video Adrian!! One question, is Loki and Orochi is better than Scorpion? Btw, I getting the Loki soon.

  15. Pov you realize His baby Account is better than your Main Account

  16. Thanks Adrian , going to save this link as an example of what is possible , GG btw !!

  17. Hey Adrian is there an easy way to get the required legendary pilot just by selecting it and buying it through training centre. Right now it seems unless you spend good amount of gold trying to refresh the training centre you don't get the required pilot and plus spend additional 2500 to buy it. Seems Pixonic is getting greedy as the days go by. It will lose its ratings if it keeps this game heavily pay to win. Its disappointing. Why cant we just choose the pilot the way we choose robots and weapons??

  18. Will you build a revenant now thats in the workshop?

  19. Good play Adrian. You always show how the game should be. Some of the guys here on youtube will only use one bot from start to the end of the game. I am not going to say his name. Thank you for keeping it real.

  20. Hey adrian,is this really your baby account without buying anything?cause I'm pretty sure you can't get/build puncher in workshop..

  21. can you look at my dream hangar
    my titan is sharanga with grom and antimatter reactor and quantum sensor
    for my robots cruel orochi with bane
    khepri with gust
    dread shell with glacier and rime
    typhon with scorcher
    giftbringer fenrir and cruel bane and eldritch venom.

  22. how do you win with a arthur? can you tell me best strategy for fenir?

  23. OMG is that your baby acc !!?? It's better than my real acc LOL 😂😂

  24. Adrian, can I ask you 2 things? The 1st Revenant pilot vasilla Max.(I don't know how to spell) is not in the pilot shop and "not found in the training center" and I guess other pilots have the same. And secondly, for Khepri, do you prefer a defensive drone like Nebula or an attack drone like Beak or attack-defense-lockdown like Barrel. Hope it helps. Good day and good luck.

  25. Make more video like this, for newbie its amazing, i love it

  26. Why don’t you use your murometz? Is it because it’s too low level?

  27. SOO U do not make it free to people to watch unless they bay money . although u get money from YT and donations seriesly man have to pay to watch free account played games we do not have money to pay in game and want to watch how to play with our free account and i have to pay to watch how to play with my free account . so why i will do that i could pay in my account instead 🙁anyway nice video

  28. Skills are still relevant it seems. Lol

  29. How about a Typhon secrets revealed?

  30. Try the igniter Puncher Build for Fenrir Adrian its a really versatile build i think will work well for your baby account

  31. I like that rexently you have added s.aal notes to give context as to what your doing now ofcourse without them i understand just find but ik some ppl dont thanks Adrian

  32. I came to remember that i never seen your face doing a "WHADUSHHH!"

  33. No drone on that first bot?

  34. Could anyone help me because whenever I play WR on blue stacks emulator my fps drops to around 15fps whenever i look over to enemy's no matter the distance from me

  35. Th new titan weapons are great and all, but the old vengeance and retaliators are still very effective.

  36. How do you feel when your teammates and opponents are mk2 & mk3 (in baby account match)

  37. You've proved that it's not the strength of the hanger but the strength of the player. Your a great player Adrian 👍

  38. Adrian so manni’s game name is not the manni. I think it would be funny if you put your name as not the Adrian.😁😁

  39. The sheer power of Adrian's baby account is all the evidence I need to prove that I am a terrible player. Amazing!

  40. Great video Adrian! As always, very inspiring and great gameplay.

  41. Hey adrian i recently won the b wolff pilot for me fenrir in the silver black market crate and im currently levling my fenrir to lvl 8. But im running 1 bane 1 venom and taran (dont have another venom) but i was wondeing should i run puncher taran like you or stick with the bane venom taran build?

    Ps i also have an ember but no igniters and i have 2 smutas but im using them on my siren. I also have a devestator but im using that on my sonic hellburner.

  42. I see the Kill Bandit strikes again, hehe, great games, thanks for the post. 🙂 NC

  43. I heard that Destrier is the best robot in WR, is it true?

  44. Thanks to you i am nearly in the same situation like you, my main account is with lvl 10 hangar in champion and my f2p baby account is with just lvl 7-9 Hangar in expert allready after just 3 1/2 month…
    If you know how to play its possible to play in champion without any MK2 or MK3 stuff…

  45. That's the experience of an intermediate F2W players on Asian Server. They would always go like 'on your face' against a P2W/Chinese players

  46. how old is this acc?
    and how did you get so much good stuffs while playing without spending?

  47. Hey Adrian great gameplay! I was pretty suprised how effective the fenrir was when you used it.

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