What Will it Take for Pres. Weah to Win or Lose Elections 2023? #ToughTalkingThursday

What Will it Take for Pres. Weah to Win or Lose Elections 2023? #ToughTalkingThursday

What Will it Take to Unseat Pres. Weah in 2023 & Conversely, What Will it Take for Pres Weah to…


  1. Lady speak for yourself the Liberian people are not stupid here they are not going to be fool again by George Weah anymore thank you lady.

  2. Masa really campaigning for Weah on this platform, I am very surprised at her for her comment, Masa has already given up.

  3. George Weah is not a good person he is evil, look at how much he has stolen from the poor people he and his wife, our people has made him and his wife more richer than they can ever make themselves wealthy.

  4. That buga dancing president, that me supposed to campaig for? Mr Fahngon say.

  5. The park that was built in the country is nothing compared to the money George Weah is stealing.

  6. The lady caller is a CDC partisan she is getting pay by George Weah.

  7. George Weah is very self center and selfish, he is stealing the poor people money and enriching himself and wife and also building more houses than what he build when he was a world best football player, he was broke and the American government was running after him for child support.

  8. You all are doing the opposition a disservice, I think you all should be pushing the agenda of the opposition and stop giving more credit to George Weah.

  9. I agree with Mr Sheriff, if he is elected for the second time he will steal more money and his wife will take our money to her country.

  10. Hello FOL I have just come across your video and I am surprised at Kau to say that the oppositions are narcissistic, I think she is wrong the opposition is nothing like that, they are trying their best to tell our poor people that Weah government is unable to change their lives he is not capable he is currupt, he only came to power to steal the poor people money for himself and his ministers and also his wife and family and friends, so I think she is describing George Weah, who think everyone should bow down to all his bad deeds, if the Liberian people elect this currupt president they are going to be in poverty for the rest of their lives, there is no way George Weah can bring prosperity to the Liberian people, if he is elected 2023 for second term the country will definitely not change and the Liberian people will remain poor and George Weah and his wife and also the senators will get richer and richer while the citizens remain in the rots and living from hand to mouth, forever.

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