What School Lunch Looks Like Around The World

What School Lunch Looks Like Around The World

Lunch time at school can be one of the best parts of a kid’s day. From aloo gosht in Pakistan to…


  1. I’m sorry but I’m not trying to be rude or anything but the American lunch does not look like that it’s manly expired food and does not have any good stuff to eat and most kids even me some time can’t eat school lunch because of how nasty it tastes or it’s to pink in the inside or it’s expired by the way I’m sorry if I’m being rude I’m just saying the truth again sorry…

  2. Kids in india consumes different type of meals with respect to different states in india

  3. At my school in the USA, it’s nothing like this. We get things like tiny soggy cold pizza, overly buttery “beef” taco sticks, gross-tasting milk that we’re forced to get, weirder-tasting fruits and veggies that we’re forced to get, terrible-tasting “ice cream” (Its not even ice cream, it’s more like a weird tasting slushie with less liquid that they call ice cream), and sometimes even stale cookies.

  4. 3:14 i live in brazil and i dont see this food

  5. In the UK we’d always get fish on Fridays no jacket potato tho that was a whole separate meal lol

  6. As I'm british, I assure you we only got that for lunch on one day per week-

    Jacket potatoes were alternatives that were served daily.

    We never got chocolate biscuits for pudding

  7. As a US student the best thing we are served is stuffed cheese sticks. Everything else is absolutely horrible. The cheese on the pizza will fall off in ONE piece! A traingel of cheese falls off the supposedly pizza. The chicken sandwichs are always cold and not fully cooked along side a wet bean burrito. The closest thing to desert is a frozen strawberry fruit cup.

  8. Real Life Public School:
    Fruit Cups And Celery.

  9. I'm asian (Indonesia) and i think i like the finland , Korean, and Guatemalan lunch box😂

  10. If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
    Romans 10:9 NIV

  11. I’m from uk we never had chocolate biscuits for desert and the jacket menu was a complete separate dish out of the 3 choices we would usually have food like the batterd cod

  12. She is bullshiting about American school lunch those things look like dog water

  13. Wait u guys get served , in in Australia choose by bringing our lunch, tuck shop is another option but isn’t recommended

  14. I went to both private and public schools. I found the lunches to often be inedible.

  15. As someone from norway we do have cafeterias in some schools. Also yea that bread and chees meal pretty acurate though most students bring their own lunch.

  16. There are standards for what children bring to school for lunch in Australia. Two chocolate biscuits and a sausage roll are not it.

  17. As a Pakistani I would like to say I have never brought aloo gosht with me to school we buy snacks at our school's tuckshop

  18. 🤣🤣🤣 tomato soup and brownies in America😂 your lucky if your frozen pizza they give you is cooked all the way thru

  19. the uk was a little off we have fish beans and chips (fries for americans lol) for friday and jacket potato is usually other random days but there wasnt ONE day where we got chocolate biscuits (cookies) for dessert, i think in my primary school (elementary) we got stuff like cake and custard, ice cream, fruit ect. i think on some dsys but very rarely they would give us a sugar cookie or smthn. but the fish was not as fancy as they make it to be, this obviously was supposed to be what private school lunch looks like around the world-

  20. i go to a public highschool in the USA and it does NOT look like that 😭

  21. POV : youre waiting for you country

  22. putain c'est quoi cette merde sur le déjeuner en France 😂 on prend du café ou du the le matin accompagne avec du cake au beurre, ou Alor des tartine de pain avec du beurre et du miel ou Alor des tartine de pain avec du beurre et de la confiture ou des gâteau fourre au chocolat les enfant boivent du lait avec du chocolat en poudre et des céréale

  23. בול מה שאנחנו אוכלים…. אם ישראלים תביאו לייק

  24. It depends on the school. I went to two elementary schools in the U.S and one had pretty bad food, nothing like shown in the video, while the other had amazing meals plus an occasional dessert like brownies (both public schools). Middle school and up I usually brought lunch from home.

  25. What is Israel ? How come i never heard of it or learned about it in geography . ? Where is it on the map ? 🤔

  26. In which school of India, they provide this? 😃

  27. the pakistan meal looked the tastiest

  28. i loved school dinners especially the deserts sticky toffee pudding and custard

  29. 2:33 I wish school lunch here is nothing like that it’s disgusting

  30. If the school actually serving papaya salad, you can basically sue them

  31. There is no school lunch in any public school in ethiopia. Its lunch from home and lots of kids live in poverty. The only school that serves lunch is private schools for hyper rich and non ethiopians

  32. Who TF cremated the fish fingers for the UK meal? Was it the same person who forgot to cook the baked beans?
    Also, most schools offer proper desserts, not just biscuits / cookies

  33. Are you from North Korea? Why are they all fucked up? Not realistic

  34. drive up sin you're just a genius kill me in Hawaii

  35. I'm from phillipines
    I think Mexican school lunch looks like a sandwich
    And Norway school lunch looks delicious
    I wants to try them all!!

  36. India ka kich zyaada hi safai se dikha diye..😂

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