What is wrong with this mother? What could have happened to her? | Lynn Ngugi Network

What is wrong with this mother? What could have happened to her? | Lynn Ngugi Network

Today’s episode is based on a viral video that sparked outrage among many online. In the clip,…


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  1. Lynn,could you please tell us if there was any help offered to this Mum and/or any help for the child?Gosh 2 years old is too young to be beaten like this…beyond heartbreaking 😔💔

  2. FYI some women experience PTSD especially after birth and no one talks about this. When I had kids I experienced this thank God I am in a country that this is talked about. I see a lot of comments from women here commenting how they truly need help.
    @Lynn Ngugi we live in a society that we expect mothers to love their kids off the bat… no one prepares you for child birth and raising kids because it’s said it’s our natural instinct which it isn’t so. Not everyone has this instinct especially if you don’t have support from pregnancy to childbirth and beyond. We need education for mothers.
    Also, we have been beaten up since early childhood by our teachers.
    Corporal punishment has to be banned from schools too.
    Mothers have to be helped too. Let’s talk about this, there’s more depression among moms than we think.
    This mother and others need mental health and this children going through this have to also be counseled.


  4. And the ghanian man who beat up his one year old like a thief. Kaii. I was about to break my phone with anger. 🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  5. This was the mother or the nanny?

  6. Hurt people hurt people, if you find yourself stressed as a parent, get to the bottom of your anger, get help. If you can afford a therapist,please seek guidance and help on it. If you can’t afford one, then talk to your help care providers near you and I believe they’ll refer you to the right place for help. There’s always help out there when you really seek it.
    It’s just sad watching grownups inflicting pain on an innocent baby or child due to ignorance, lack of interest, knowledge and motivation to educate themselves on how to discipline their children. I mean, everything is a choice guys, even if you yourself as a parent were mistreated and abused growing up, are you really choosing to take your kids through the same pain you went through? Let’s learn from our experiences so we can avoid and prevent our kids from going through that very same abuse or pain we might have gone through as kids.
    Chose to be a better parent, and start by making that difference by leading as an example to your kids and the society at large. It’s just sad, can you imagine, as a parent, your child looks up to you as their safe heaven, to protect them, to show them love that no one else can.. parental love my dear ones.. is very crucial.
    I like what they do here in Finland, you can’t hit a kid in any way or form, your neighbor don’t even have to ask you why you beat up your kid, whenever they sense or hear you beating your child they just call the police on you, and in minutes even before you’re done they’re at your door, because this is a very serious offense. You can loose all your rights as a mum in a minute. And now the question remains… are kids is Europe or Finland in this case disciplined? Absolutely! So far, most I have met and seen are very well behaved and respectful kids.
    It’s conversations like this that make me wonder.. when will people learn!? But thanks again Lynn for airing this out.. obviously some people still need to be educated on this one. It’s just heartbreaking.

  7. This was my class mate in premier primary school ,, Joska if am.not dreaming , am.glad she was determined from the word Go , she was the top ,in our kcse

  8. That mother needs help…she is under some toxic relationship

  9. Mental healthy issues are real

  10. I think the mother is wounded from her own upbringing,she needs help

  11. The lady seems depressed

  12. My mother used that one verse on me 😏 then she would beat me blue black , I still find it hard to have conversations with her even as a grown up .
    I understand she was going through a lot but she really hurt me in the process

  13. Mtoto ako wapi Lynn…. Alichukuliwa??? I watched the video n my stomach hurted hrs… N my mind traumatized till now… Please give us follow up please

  14. Why do you think or rather always talk of people being behind bars??? You people you've repeatedly spoken these ugly words in a sweet way and you've hidden every bit of love in a man. All these you are doing is not taking us anywhere, all I have seen is, if today you talking about single mothers, after your show the numbers of single mothers increases, don't you think its high time you stop all these noise 💔💔

  15. I work with children,I have a School and as a Parent,Educator I will not have any type of corporal punishment in my school..It needs to stop.We are not living in the middle ages where this was a regular occurrence.Children have rights too.Parents need to be educated about the trauma that abused kids go through,in turn they will repeat the same once they become parents themselves.

  16. Child Abuse needs to stop!Fullstop!

  17. Some women got kids with men they never loved n ready to have a baby with. So at some point,one can extend the bitterness of desperation n anger n her trauma to the child. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  18. I saw that video and couldn't control my tears ..please Lynn I know you're capable of reaching out to that child for rescue…her mother must have a problem..😭😭😭

  19. This is the worst a parent can do to his/her a child…the trauma the kid is going through will take her almost forever to get over….I am personally a victim of this beating…upto now I literally cries nikiona mtu akipigwa ata kama ni kwa movies …it's so injustice and unethical to bit up a small kid who even doesn't know what to do after being beaten up …..

  20. Hello Lynn and the other beautiful lady.. Am Elsie but am using my Man's phone, i have a son who has turned 11months, like right now my son needs soo much attention and he likes crying when I am outside kidogo, he throws up things etc and am short temper!! Naeza mchapa mikono kidogo tu ndio aone nimakosa but then namuangalia badae and am like "we unajua nini baba?" Then nikaona hizi videos and i was like God nisaidie sana nisilee mtoto wangu na hasira yenye mimi nililelewa nayo. Hata kama unachukia mtoto wako usimchape to that extend yakumchapa nikama unauwa mwizi noooo, this parents needs to stay behind bars for sometimes to learn how to love their children.. Lol to my son

  21. The problem is not God's WORD for it's always True💯.The problem is us/mother/guardians our HEARTS are full of pain,bitterness,frustrations of life and we are always seeking place to pour them out!!The truth is we have to accept Our Hearts be healed!! And we will understand the term DISCIPLINE!

  22. Very correct I have weatnes this our mum used to beat us to death .everytime she beats us we ended to the hospital as per we are talking my elder brother hates my mum for this to date I forgave my mum but it hurts me.i talked to my mum since am now a grown-up not to punish my small sibling as she used to do for me and my elder brother she felt guilty and she promised she will never.

  23. Thank you ladies for this conversation. Something I wish you also talked about. Verbal abuse. Most victims of this in turn become abusive both physically and verbally to their children because that's what they understand as normal. They don't even realize that they are projecting. They can't give what they don't have. I was raised in the best environment and in turn has helped me to be a better person and mum especially to my kids, one who has special needs. Maybe we need to start at the top and change our education system that creates workers and not thinkers. Maybe we need to start encouraging institutions like churches to create or offer lessons on parenthood, and the psychological impact it has on the next generation. I am not at my best but i chose conscious parenthood which allows for distinction between personal challenges and parenthood, thus avoiding projection.

  24. Just because someone has an ovary and a uterus doesn't mean they deserve to get pregnant. She doesn't deserve this child. Is there even a child protection unit in Kenya 😫😫

  25. Lovely girl Lynn ❣️

  26. This is sad, the best way to get kids doing what you expect them to do,is by using positive reinforcement.💔

  27. Majuu wakona Oprah,Kenya tukona Lynn ngugi. Thankyou for this topic. You make alot of impact. Try even to go to schools and speak to teachers. This old teachers pia have a problem

  28. I have a personal experience as a young tp in one of top schools in Kenya. I wonder why we still have some old teachers.
    God will surely,pay,if you are a teacher reading this,know that your children might go thru the same or worse. Malipo ni hapahapa. Hakuna kitu utafanyia mtu ikose malipo.
    I am a single young mother. And one thing nimelearn,ni ukipenda mtoto wako,they actually become wise and smart. Wangu, vile tu analearn polepole ndio tu napata anakuwa smarter each day. Love children. Mimi kama mwalimu,huwa napenda watoto nafunza,and they end up performing.

  29. Leo najaza comments. Kutoka niwatch story ya David. Nimekuwa nikiwatch watu very closely,Incase tu nione mtoto anaabusiwa,I will be the first one to report.

  30. This two women are a gem,, mbarikiwe sana

  31. My mother has been teaching ever since I started school. And I love her Soo very much coz napursue education and one thing she always reminds me ni,usiwai chapa mtoto si wako,talk to them instead,and guess what?? It works coz during my teaching practice I did this ,with stubborn children and it was impactful rather than teachers who were abusive and copral. Hawa ni watoto tu,Sasa tunawamistreatinhi wanini?? Binadamu tushakuwa wanyama.

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