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  1. What is Djibouti? African shithole.

  2. Country name is so cool Let attendees make +1

  3. For my djibouti people how long can you survive with 100 dollars… planning to visit soon..

  4. Why you don't talk about Woman?

  5. Anyway nutella is italian

  6. Only a 2min vid for the most interesting country in Africa

  7. The Djibouti Warriors are intimidating af.

  8. πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―

  9. DJIBOUTI πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―β€

  10. I love Djibouti from brazil πŸ‡©πŸ‡―β€πŸ‡§πŸ‡·

  11. Iidoorow snm waxay dib idiin ku celisay inaad adoon ingiriis noqotaan oo aan halna garan oo inaad gun carootay tihiin oo caadi ka dhigatay afweyne ayaa na wasay maalin iyo habeenba ayaad door moodeen oo bal eeg gobanimada iyo Sharafta maxamuud saleeman intuu afweyne amase hawiye sharr ay u gaysteen iyagoo awood u Leh inay cagta mariyaan kamana hadlaan waayo afweyne buurdhuubo ayey u direen iyagoo canbar ku jafay iidoor ka mid yahay oo snm godin iyo hangool ugu dhiibay inay qooraha afweyne ku jiidjiidaan and iidoor they did it oo kuwii iidoor ee watay ciidamadii afweyne ee ku soo weeraray maxamuud saleemaan oo iidoorra ahaa magacyadoodii maxamuud saleemaan Kuma soo qaadin waayo waxay ahaayeen eey afweyne qoolaystay oo uu his qabo ku lahaa beel kasta oo uu afweyne dhibsanayey oo taas muxuu mujrimka falan ee marqaansan ee iidoor ugu yeeraa? Oo bal sheega xero maxamuud saleemaan waxaa looga yaqaan: "waa qarodaba rag oo waa la qabi jiray" oo waxay kalooy dhahaan "wixii ku helaan ka hadal ma Leh oo hawada duniduna ka harid ma leh" oo gabdhaha maxamuud saleemaan waxay dhahaan "Allaahayow cay geeljire ha iga qaadin" waayo meel aan siilkooda laga caayey waxay og yihiin inaan nin rag ah ka jirin waayo meeshii ragga somaliyeed ku hardamayo hooyooyinkooda qaskoodau waa isku caayaan oo waa ha iskoolkoolsadaan amase waa waxay ka dhigtaan hub ay ku dagaal galaan oo haddii midka aan habarti siilkeeda aan rag caayeyn waa gargar iyo baahi gabe aan rag agti waxba ka ahayn oo aan u tirsanayn oo ogow xubinta soil ee hoiyooyinku waa Sahab nin aan xabkiusa soo leefkeefin uusan aan aduunkaan la kleenin si kasta ha ISU arko amase ha isku qiimeeyeene oo Allaah Waad barakaysay "SIIL" ee nabad gali oo barakee aduun iyo aakhiraba that beautiful organ naftiisa iyo jirkiisaba in sha Allaah mid kastood beertay oo waxay wiilashooda u tababartaan inaan nin kale cadkiisa cumin oo uusan ka soo ooyin oo dhib lagdan ka soo gaarayna uusan ka ooyin oo ay tahay xaajo rag oo maalin adaa guusha wata maalina waa lagaa wataa laakiin iidoorow adigu caqligaad leedahay maanta kuma hadlaysid oo waxaa caqli Iyo maalba ka dhawrtaa gaal iyo qoomuluut iyo boonayste iyo dhilayste aduun weyne bal inay somaliya wax kaa siiyaan oo wali raadkii shiikh isaxaaq waa qoyan yahay markii daarood u baahday culimo intuu suldaantooyadiisii ku hawlanaa oo shiikhii dhalay uga yimid biyomaal iyo koofur somaliya ayaa Maanta dhashiisii sheeganaysaa dadkii iyo dalkii iyo diintii daarood iyo suldaantooyadiisii inuu gaal iyo qoomuluut iyo dhilayste iyo boonayste shisheeye u hibeeyo oo taasi waa isku dayid iidoor iyo dadnimo xumo oo iidoor ismoodsiiyey daarood inuu dhulbahante iyo warsangali iyo mareexaan Kaliya yahay sida Ina Kore iyo farmaajo kuwaasoo ah habaar daarood ku dhacay oo qoys hawiye ayaa wuxuu yiraahdaa daarood ma dhinto oo markaas moodo inaad dishay waxaad ku waabariisanaysaa weerarka daaroodkaad dishay oo oraahdaan waa Erayo maldahan oo xigmadoida wata oo mid garaad Yar ku adaf inuu fahmo laakiin waxgaradja hawiye raggiisa ku baraarujinayey inaysan say wax u arjayeen marxaladu qoto dheer tahay oo aysan ku jabin tatikada iyo sabaasha daarood ii iidoortu waxay ismoodsiisay inay iyagu dhulkaan daarood leeyihiin waayo daarood Mar ma xasuusin in dhulkaydan degab yihiin inuu dhul daarood yahay oo taariikhda dhulkiisanaba ma Varun waayo buulkaba balo daarood kama filan laakiin inan gumeed ilays (gaalnimo iyo qoomuluutnimo iyo dhilaysi iyo boonaysi iyo lacag) u baxay wax kasta ka filo oo daarood oo ku qoslaya riyada iidoor ayaa qaar ka mida dhaheen malaha iidoortu waxay akhrisatay sidii yurub ku dagtay qaarada maraykanka iyo awstareeliya oo hiyi kiciyey oo gaaladu iyo qoomuluutka iyo dhilaysteyaasha iyo boonaystataasha lacag iyo been ku harqiyeen oo ku sheegeen "yes iidoor you can do" taas maanqaaday mujruunka falan ee marqaansan ee citiraaf doonka ee labada mujrim ee falan oo marqaansan iyo awowe Ciro hor boodaan oo iidoortu matoobada u ruxdaan oo way u qaab eg tahay arintu sidaan soo sheegay laakiin yurub iyo dawlada maraykanku miyey u soo tafo xaydanayaan somaliya hadii qoomuluut iyo boonayste iyo dhilayste iyo gaaladu tiraahdo iidoor dhulka somaliya ayaan wax kaa siinynaa ee doolaha gaalo iyo qoomuluut iyo dhilayste iyo boonayste iyo lacag u soo ruxda iidoorow oo taasi waa may waayo aduunku shuruuc ayuu leeyahay oo hadana yurub iyo maraykanku waa og yihiin wadan walba cida wax ka go'aan oo waa og yihiin haday iidoor aqoonsadaan xitaa inay oodkaca canjeelada somalidu subixii ay ku quraacato inay iidoor ka dhiganayaan balse waxay siinayaan xoogaa lacag ah ooy iidoortu busaarada isaga celiyaan inta hawiye ka soo socod baranayo oo hooyadii somaliya la jaanqaadi kari doono oo Somalidu aysan doonaynin inay daahir calasow iyo cabdishakuur warsame iyo inta u dhiganta inay ka waasho iyo inta rooble busaaradu ka baaba'ayso oo ummadda somaliyeed ay iska dhagaysanayso talactalacda iidoorta taasoo somalidu mar u soo wada jeensanayso oo iidoor dhumin doonaan waxay hadda haystaan iyo xurmada somalidu u hayso iyagoo somalidu hada kula ooya wixii afweyne ku falay oo iidoortu ay qayb ka ahayd dhibkii soo gaaray, gaar ahaan snm.

  12. He should visit iceland

  13. Algeria also speak Arabic and French

  14. You forget they speak somali 80% of the population

  15. Shows nutella talking bou french things… are you kidding arent you?

  16. Drew Binsky: This place is so expensive, $17 for a meal! $105 per night at a hotel!

    Californians: Wow that’s so cheap!

  17. he didn't say "somali" once. not just him even in the websites you won't see anything about Djibouti related to somali, it is rare. while the fact is Djibouti is a somali country and Djiboutians are somalis,
    reer jabuuti waxaandhihi lahaa somalinimadiina muujiya ama iskaga baxa somalinimada

  18. Everything is French *proceeds to show nutella

  19. 95 percentage They Speak Somali Why u Dont Mentioned that

  20. The child made a satanic hand symbol

  21. The leaders of Djbouti sold out their people for their own interests. It's literally an all access imperialist hub to the red sea. No offense Djbouti. My country did the same thing.

  22. Right, Djibouti is the most expensive country even the world.

  23. Oh my god who the hell told u they speak French everywhere?this is somali people and 99% they speak somali come on man πŸ‘¨

  24. We love our somali brothers an afar cousins one big ❀ from Jigjiga guys

  25. They produce nothing. Every thing is imported.That is why basic things are expensive. Corruption is also chronic there.

  26. Why allow a foregner tell our story?can they allow us do the same in theirs and telling it in away it glorify france

  27. It's expensive but the income it's better than another country πŸ€«πŸ˜‰…..

  28. Damn , the leaders sell their country to everyone and people are very poor.

  29. Damn the Djibouti jokes make my bouti hert

  30. It’s between djilegs and djiback

  31. Djibouti πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―πŸ‡©πŸ‡―

  32. β€œWhat is this country all about” it’s about france settling in the capital areas of adal to form French Somaliland later followed by series of rigged referendums to stop the country from joining the newly formed somali republic or becoming independent. At the core of it was to split afars and somalis apart so france could stay for a little longer and it was achieved by criminalising and silencing the somali majority of the country and fear mongering afars about somalis. It was later named as β€œfrench territory of of afars and issas” with issas being somalis with their clan name so they would be disassociated from the rest of somalis. Finally the ethnic groups united to become independent in 1977 and fortunately for afars but unfortunately for the somalis there they couldn’t join Somalia as the formation of greater Somalia was undercut by Ethiopia. But now they sit perfectly there living the opportunities Somaliland wished they had. Djibouti is also the only country that afars have some authority in since they are so little in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Either way love this country and all the people in it!

  33. Love to Djibouti from Scotland

  34. ITS 11.23 usd the taxi. you have paid easly a false tariff

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