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  1. There are sometimes “so called friends” who want everything that is yours, and are always envious of you.

  2. Thank you for the video.. Pls who is the author of 48 laws of power

  3. David's uncle has the same voice as David

  4. Give it to Tony Elumelu, his very smart. Business is business, well Igbos are very smart

  5. Nice one: Tony Elumelu turns out, is not that smart. Most of his ideas for investment stolen from his friend turned out to be good. Femi should lick his wounds and get wiser; I'm kind of surprised this expose came out. It is evident Femi has some further original skills up his sleeve

  6. Lots of lessons to learn in this situation. We all have to move silently . All is fair in love and war.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful work. ❤

  8. i got a replacement biometric passport in 2019 for 650 pounds because they said i don't have a copy of the lost passport even though i have a police report, This includes paying 400pounds to a worker in the London embassy and a copy of my lost passport was found, fast track and passport fee.The bad thing is that is that o was told their was power failure in Nigeria so they're not able to get the wallet for the passport 😂😂😅and I my fast track passport 2 weeks later

  9. EELUMELU, is a real definition of back stabber and a deceiver. In life don't never deceive someone to get rich or acquire wealth, because KARMA is 100% real. LIFE ADVICE : Never share your plan, vision or dream with anyone, for your enemies are the closest people around you eating the same food with you in the same plate, like Juda did to JESUS. Be wise and never TRUST people FOR NOBODY IS TRUSTWORTHY AGAIN BUT only GOD ALMIGHTY.

  10. 2010 when before I travelled that is how I got my passport paid the woman extra and she ask me to go there, if I get there I should call her which I did immediately immigration officer came out asking for my full names I told him and bro I captured immediately the next day went to pick it is God not great😂😂 straight to embassy to drop it here I am in Vienna 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Meckson you too good joor

  12. It's such a terrible thing… the Nigerian factor! Even at the Nigerian embassy here in London, to renew your expired passport is like fighting the 3rd world war…

  13. Happy for th Adeleke, if Psquare can back, they should do with good music and more dance.
    Betting is not advicable it can become addiction.
    Respect and fear people qho uses 48 laws of Power.
    The BBC clip was funny.

  14. I swear every government agency in nigeria is corrupt and things are getting out of hand. I got my passport in 2021 with 70k. Quitr painful to see abnprmal things normal in tgis country. It is olay to give someone a tip buf not bribery which is corruption. God help us and give us good leaders to cleans this land o

  15. When it come to money never trust any Igbo man. They can even sell their family for money

  16. Hope that Adeleke guy turns the state in into Dubai because our people are so gullible, they think these people are doing them a favor.

  17. Yeah, but at least, respect others 🙄. Tony is selfish while Otendola was open, trustworthy.

  18. Say no to betting 😢💔

  19. No matter how relevant the psquare trying to be now they can't meet up with davido and WizKid and even likes of Rema etc because the arrogance took over them when they were fighting themselves.

  20. Welcome back to our channel and thanks Abraham 👍💯

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