What Happened To Deekosh In Changi Prison? ft. Darryl Ian Koshy | TDK Podcast #203

What Happened To Deekosh In Changi Prison? ft. Darryl Ian Koshy | TDK Podcast #203

Deekosh opens up about his case, experiences behind bars, and how he plans to move forward with…


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  1. I always separate talent from real life. I like the entertainment he brings to people. Same goes for other stuffs like how I despise JK Rowling's homophobic comments but I like Harry Potter.

  2. I am glad Dee Kosh is back. Nobody is perfect…

  3. Such an in depth experience, thanks for the sharing dee, you are strong..

  4. Dee hilarious bro HAHAHHA in teh prison he really thrived

  5. in conclusion prison is better than bmt

  6. I think he look better now and he will be good at podcast

  7. Yeah lah, confirmed everything i thought happened with d. Seriously you do a survey and ask people if they know what age of consent is. Most will say 16, and wont know 18 applies when money is involved. Stupid of the agc to respond to woke cancellation and allow people to weaponise the law. Its just going to encourage more 'gotcha' police reports. Same happened with titus low where law was weaponised to take down the top guy.

  8. The story about the crane stayed with me. In jail, there's a sort of freedom in the sense where everyone is 'equal'. But there's no physical freedom. Outside, there's physical freedom but then we may be imprisoned by our circumstances.

  9. free weight loss for him

  10. I stayed till the end and I like banannas

  11. Serious question for DK, I have always wondered if people serving a sentence in prison has 'Monday Blues'?

  12. This episode literally shows that you can strip Dee from all his fame but it's in his blood to be an entertainer, and no one can take that talent away from him. Not even jail time.

  13. Can you invite Property Lim brother Melvin @jonathanchua

  14. a stand up comedian
    he can be a stand up comedian

  15. Do you think you can get Audrey Goh and Eden Ang to be interviewed? Really missed this talented duo…🥰

  16. I like bananas. I wish you the very best Dee Kosh, and may your new beginnings surpass your previous ones.
    ,from a fan who does not judge a person by their mistakes but by their corrective actions

  17. I think DK can work, maybe behind the scenes, but please don’t come back as a talent or media personality.

    The society’s acceptance will convey a message that this is morally fine, but really it isn’t.

    He’s preying on young impressionable guys, that may regret their actions FOR LIFE and may have untold mental health issues due to Dk’s crimes.

  18. Thanks for letting us hear this. I bought your DC figurine, The Flash has been a motivation for me and it's well taken care of! I like bananas hahaha

  19. Just live, laugh, and let live

  20. honestly, I genuinely want to forgive him but there was so much stuff that could have been prevented firstly ask the boys their age albeit the boys could have looked older but some kids can look older than their real age so he should have found that out first, second of all he shouldn't really have like tried to contact them too much after finding out and maybe like tell them you didn't understand and if possible can they still be friends. And for all I know from his case, I'm pretty sure it was mostly verbal like no touchy but trying to obtain sexual services from a minor is a big no no.

    also adding on I saw a comment who said that dee kosh didn't seem repentant but maybe on the flip side, he could just be trying to use comedy to try to be positive

    and I would also like to say that everyone deserves a second chance so dee kosh please don't fuck up anymore and I hope you truly have repented for what you have done and turned over a new leaf

    that's all my thoughts on this as i truly loved his content in the past as he was such a funny guy and i truly hoped that he has 改过自新

  21. Main thing I noticed is how often BMT is being brought up for comparison 😂

  22. Thank u for being so brave to talk about this. Surely it hasn’t been easy for u cuz being in jail is never great. Hope ppl won’t underestimate how much strength it takes to do this plus nobody wants to be reminded over and over again about a painful experience. anyway, I hope u get to see this and hopefully this inspires u in a way or another. I think ure gifted and ur voice remains ur greatest asset. somehow ur voice demands attention like it makes ppl wanna listen when u speak. don’t underestimate this ok cuz powerful voice = ppl will be listening = able to convey info = u influence ppl 😂 maybe u can put it to work again and further develop ur speaking voice? Stay strong and don’t give up 💪🏼 on days u can’t, think of those behind u throughout this journey and hopefully it’s enough to keep u fighting!

  23. this episode is actually fking funny HAHAHAHAHA

  24. All the best Dee Kosh

  25. wait! He said prison food and army food same standard….holy shiittt

  26. Everyone makes mistake. Not everyone gets caught 🎉😢

  27. There are 3 life in a person: Public Life, Personal Life, and the Secret Life. He's FAKE AF.

  28. i stay to the end, i love dee kosh ❤

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