Western Diplomats TPLF Meeting Leaked, Gaddafi's Son Blocked from Election, UN Announce Swahili Day

Western Diplomats TPLF Meeting Leaked, Gaddafi's Son Blocked from Election, UN Announce Swahili Day

Welcome to 2nacheki channel. Here is your latest #AfricanNews:
Leaked video shows US, European Diplomats Secretly Planning for an…


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  1. Where is the leaked video? This is the second content I watched with only a video with any voice. If you want to be taken seriously, you must show evidence. I want to share the video. So post it!

  2. Where can we find the actual footage????

  3. just thinking of the fact they're planing to take thousand of lives in their cosy living room like they're schedule a golf game in the weekend is beyond believe…but thanks we're living in revelation times

  4. Now what against Gaddafi???

  5. we celebrate swahili daily we don't need one day for it

  6. It's interesting how those very OLD western diplomats are discussing the future of a country that is none of their business. They are not even going to be around for long to witness the effect of their evil and wicked deeds. I wish they could spend the remaining time they have on earth making peace with the Creator and doing good deeds. I cannot understand it, how old people should determine the future of the young generation. We are the ones going face the consequences of their deeds. This is insane.

  7. We can celebrate Swahili language everyday without anyone’s approval.

  8. I knew it.I knew it.Thats why Western propaganda was so anti Ethiopian.
    I knew it.

  9. Ethiopia, always Wake Up. Never Sleep. See they have Evil Agenda on You Africa. They start in Ethiopia and then Others Countries in Africa follows. Never let them start with any African Countries. They have E…vil Intention again in this Continental Africa. Slaving you Deceives Africa again. Keep waking Up.

  10. Where is African Union, where is Rwanda which is trying to be hero, where is Nana Akufo and its puppet organization ECOWAS.
    Hypocricy is what killing us from inside out.
    We have problem of letting corrupt individual be our Presidents and leaders, they only advocate for their welfare and their families. You might see democratically elected leader whose family members and ministers are treated as Royal families or first class citizen rather than servants of citizens.
    It starts with us, me and you chiefly youths to change this situation.
    African is the only continent which contain everything needed for prosperity, we lack good governance (not necessarily direct democracy), trustworthy leaders, and true patriot citizen.
    It started from Sankara, Eqypt, Libya, and so on.
    There is nice swahili proverb saying "UKIONA MWENZAKO ANYOLEWA BASI WEWE TIA KICHWA MAJI"

  11. Nothing new, we knew this from the beginnin

  12. There is another footage released yesterday thar the UN office in Addis Ababa organised a drama to depict Addis Ababa as if there is riots and chaos. The Ethiopian Federal Police demanded explanation. The UN with its US and Wester neocolonial forces helping the terrorist TPLF since long time ago to recolonize Ethiopia.

  13. Africans this how the game is played.
    You can't even choose your own leaders.

  14. Other African nations should send their Armed forces to assist Ethiopia

  15. This is high time to forge the "United States of ALKEBULAN"

  16. The audacity of the us really how dare they when they have done nothing to help Libyans since Gaddafis death

  17. Africa need boycott EU and US products and default the IMF and World bank loans

  18. Swahili celebration, I sense western manipulation unless it happens only in the africanas

  19. We Ethiopians are always one they can’t dismantle us 🇪🇹🙏🏽👏🏽

  20. Thank you for exposing the truth #No more

  21. Afrikans. Must choose the swakili day NOT the UN. I hope afrikans do It as they wish
    Swakili Must take over NOW for afrika AND díaspora l

  22. Please tell what TPLF stands for to those of us who aren’t aware of what it is. Thank you.

  23. Ethiopia is the heart
    of Africa. Aney African can stay in Ethiopia as much he wont. Ethiopia is the mother of each African child. Mother love all her child. Let all Africans protect our mother land. No more neo colonialism. Enough is enough. No Ethiopia mesns it is the end of Africa. We Africans we will not allow to happen this.

  24. This is the true African mirror.
    Africa need one carencey and one economic policy to compete. As history tell as Africa is the origin of human bing.

  25. It's absolutely incredible to see people saying Africans should "wake up" …WE ARE AWAKE! We CAN READ and we watch the news. Instead of asking us to wake up…ask yourself, how easy it is for an African government to overpower the evil in this world? Stop being patronising to everyday citizens who are desperate for good leaders, and also to the good leaders who are a MINORITY against the MAJORITY of the world. How easy do you think it is to reverse debt, power inequality without any pushback and even danger to peoples lives. IT IS NOT EASY TO BREAK/DESTROY WORLDWIDE SYSTEMATIC WHITE SUPREMACY, IDEOLOGIES SET AGAINST US. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO GOOD LEADERS.

  26. Kwame Nkrumah prophecy is working when he told Africa to unite because none those countries will be able to defend itself against imperial aggression and that is what Ethiopia is facing now

  27. Where is AU? Not a single word in support of Ethiopia, not only a member country but also the founding member and the seat of its headquarter.

  28. While we are continuing pushing for the African Continent to come under one umbrella, they're people still not getting it segregating them self and trying to take power by force , some even go as far, been militant extremists terrorist In time to come the Continent will have one President we have to prepared our self for the hole out .

  29. Dear follow African what's going in Ethiopia is that Ethiopean starting Free themselves from remote colonial mentality of western country.
    Lets say no more #enough we are free

  30. No more western puppets in Africa…East Africa starts the wave…Africa Au! Au!…💪

  31. Keep the greedy West out of Africa. Unite and handle your own issues. Don't let them shut out khadaffi son. Africa stick together don't let the West bring you down. They will try one by one to bring you down. They need your resources and want it for free.


  33. 2nacheki Please open up a Rumble account. Your channel is under threat for telling the truth.

  34. They’re collecting a Bunch of idiots without Ethiopian people knowing and interest. We already have legitimately elected government and supported by 95% of the people in Ethiopia.

  35. Tell America to respond to their killing of gadafi nonsense

  36. Am ready to travel to Ethiopia to join the fight against Western imperialism against my African people. Ethiopia must not fall to these Mzungus. They destroyed DRC Congo, Libya, Sahel countries and now they want to bring chaos to Ethiopia. Ethiopia must not fall. If interested join me, we travel together from New York. Get in touch. "Tuko pamoja milele daima."

  37. Africans should not trust these Mzungus. The 1884 Berlin conference blueprint is still being used with them. All African volunteers should join the Ethiopian army to fight the Mzungu interests in Ethiopia and the rest of Africa.

  38. Western governments may think that their dirty policies will work in Ethiopia. But the Ethiopian people have a worse answer than they do. Western countries have something they do not understand. They may think of Ethiopia as a people like Libya or Syria. It does not work in Ethiopia.

  39. All Africans and the peace loving international community must defend Ethiopia from the terrorist TPLF and other antiAfrican Elements!

  40. The international war crime is being running by USA and Europe as we speak on Ethiopia

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