Welcome to the most dangerous City in Jamaica -no-go zones (ep.3)

Welcome to the most dangerous City in Jamaica -no-go zones (ep.3)

Welcome to the most dangerous City in Jamaica

Today in in kingston Jamaica craziest market…


  1. I am from East Africa. I visited such streets in Montego Bay when I visited Jamaica. I didn't feel scared. I felt like I was back home. The place looks and feels like you are in a town/market in East Africa. I was amazed at the similarities. The vibrancy.

  2. He's a black American so all the bashing was expected….

  3. You owe Jamaicans an apology. You visit a market and call it a slum…..you are ths stupidest thing ever made

  4. a Jamaica alone a do bad things in a the world??????

  5. I’m only 15 min in the video!! & you complained to much!! You should have more respect for the Jamaican people and the beautiful island that you choose to visit!!! Trust mi foreign ah nah Betta roses!!!

  6. Jamaica is the most visited island 🏝!! We are not mean because our faces look so! Try go to Brazil and see if you can record without someone snatching your phone!

  7. I wonder why this man leave from all the way in America to come talk shit about my country 🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Another ting wen di white ppl dem do dem type a video yah nobody bun dem out wen dem a try call our area slum

  9. Where this bredda from down south america? I guess every down there are happy all the damn time. Plus u think there is bad come to brooklyn. Alot of ppl from down south dont really travel so they dont know how ppl in different areas live. If u scared do not travel

  10. The mean faces is true. I have traveled to Jamaica plenty of times and have had unpleasant encounters with the women at the currency counter inside the airport. The mean faces are everywhere. Heck, the mean faces are literally staring at you the moment you get off the plane. It’s a beautiful country with a lovely culture. If you’re looking for friendly and approachable, this isn’t the island for you. There are plenty of other islands that I have visited that make you feel welcomed. Fun fact: It takes less facial muscles to smile than to frown.

  11. We see all theses fakes items everywhere

  12. Need to do this over and take the negatives that scars the love , beauty of a country and its people

    So important to understand a culture and the people .

    Duttty !! The place is not dirty that any other bustling market

    The market gets cleaned at the end of the day !

    Jelly boy !! Wow 😮

    Really needs to apologize

  13. The environment look very dirty watching from lvory coast

  14. Yo yo , you are "Czech" bro……🖐😄sure ……I"m from Antarctica bro…..You should take a walk in the Bronx bro , your hood.
    It must feel really good to dump on a place that's worse off than the shithole that produced you "bro" .
    Yo yo , bytheway , begging for likes and subscribers is a no-no , bro. …….."bless"……👍🏾💩

  15. Is name is Christopher (DUDUS) Coke, he was a real bad man! He ran Tivoli gardens and had some of the baddest yardies along side him, he is now in an America prison doing a 23yr sentence after getting deported for drugs! You don't do Jamaica justice by putting the people down and calling a market place a slum, all I see is hard working people making a living! I'm mixed race and my paps from (Saint Mary's) and he's no longer with us, and one day I'm going to Jamaica and no video you make about Jamaica can put me off! Jamaica is one of the best beautifulest Islands on the planet 👍💯

  16. dangerous? recording all the way? it is not so dangerous….

  17. 😂😂😂
    Scared American brat, I thought you are bad ass in America?

  18. They have some thick ladies over there I sware

  19. Idgaf how people feel about Jamaica they will always have a place in my heart✊🏾

  20. Watching your video just prove that you are very judgmental and prejudiced against Jamaican people. You clearly don't understand their culture and how they live. You are pretty intimidated by them because your video does not portray anybody being mean or angry at you. And knowing Jamaica this is far from being the rough part or the most dangerous part of Jamaica. Sorry bro… your comments blank ignorant.

  21. JAMAICA has a lot of fat beautiful ladies

  22. This is NOT a "no go zone" neither is it overly dangerous. Go walk through Garrisons in TG or Flankers.

  23. I can clearly see that you don't like Jamaicans, where do you see Gutter? That's a beautiful street market, you don't see nice beautiful clothes on sell nice food selling? Why are you there Judging my people why don't you just talk with them no one is going to harm you they are all friendly people. You shouldn't be putting down Jamaica and her people. So tippickle of you In Americans, always thinking that your better then the would and everyone. Stop putting Jamaicans down and have some respect when in a next country!!

  24. You film an entire market and called it a no go zones 😂😂😂 people shopping so how does that make sense?

  25. yo bro next time checking with a real local bro will help you talk to the local 💯 🇬🇧✌️

  26. Him f***f batty Fi reach weh him deh now

  27. I went to a Jamaican market and it was horrible. Literally pulling on my shirt and getting angry if I didn’t buy. Never make eye contact.

  28. This is a market not a slum people don't live here just shop and go home most of jamaica is really beautiful and nice just a hand full of gangas trying to give it a bad name not many people go down town only those who live down town many things happen in every country not only jamaica

  29. This clown left all the "slums" in America and flew all the way to Jamaica to criticize the poor areas in Jamaica? Really? Foh and get a life. Always leave it to black people to try to pull down other black people.

  30. Well I guess he is an expert on what a slum looks like, because there are a lot of them in America, especially in the black communities. He conveniently bypass his slums in America and go to someone else's country and criticize their poorer areas. This guy is a pos.

  31. This guy showed us some asses, vegetables, and fruits,…

  32. Ehrmm…I went boozing in Hillborrow by night. A couple of times. The South African police goes there only in armored vehicles and with automatic rifles because it has the highest homicide rate in the world. And played street football and went to the barber in Algiers between bombed cars, bullet holes and debris during the civil war. Try again to impress me.

  33. Your comments are at best disrespectful and show lack of understanding for other cultures. You did not even try to engage with anyone there before you came to your decision about the place. If it was as bad as you say you would not even get to film anything. At least now you know that what many black americans and other poor americans call "poor" is not even close to poor when compared to what many developing countries go through, but you do not have an open mind.

  34. Nobody is even interested in your camera,,,and you filming. So why are you afraid??

  35. What's funny is that a blaq male is the one trashing jamaica like that. 🤔White people with a closer proximity to resources don't talk like that when they visit jamaica. This dude is delusional. Learn some foreigner etiquette. You're in their country.

  36. That's okay. White people think you look mean, unhappy, uneducated and 'like struggle' too so🙂 and no I'm not jamaican.

  37. Hey Man ,
    stop talking down down Jamaica . I'm not a Jamaican but I'm upset with this video .
    The crime in United states is greater than the one in Jamaica . Show some respect . You are in no way better than the average Jamaican .

  38. That’s where I grew up. 1978

  39. This must be an American citizen, go and show the world ppl are dying off drugs daily in America, zombie 🧟‍♂️ etc

  40. Thank you for showing us this because they talk so much crap about other Islanders and the Caribbean especially Haitian

  41. Boy in Miami Jamaicans would never tell you that they live like that only Haitians live like that if you ask them

  42. Don't look too dangerous to me

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