Warriors Kings Game 5

Warriors Kings Game 5


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  1. Appreciate you rocking my shirt Alch 🙏🏼 y’all can find me on Instagram with the same handle 🤟🏼

  2. Body language of Sac players tells me that they're done… time-out where Mike cheers them on and they don't seem to believe either him or themselves tells me everything. I hope I'm right and that Dubs will take advantage of that tonight without any relaxation cause we don't want to go to Scramento again

  3. Live games would be dope. Some warrior media been doing those on that new playback tv site

  4. @Athletic alchemy what are your thoughts on the warriors making a title run and do you think they can win again this year

  5. Yo that jacket is nice… props to the style Alc. Got me spending money.

  6. Just a thought… Dillon Brooks can go get the ball bounced off his head by the professor on YouTube. Lol

  7. Hope you read kawhi tore his meniscus so he’s actually injured not hurt

  8. I think this series is literally the western conference finals n the warriors toughest test after watching the rest of the west I think we’re goood



  11. Loved the stream🔥 wish i watched it live

  12. lmao that beginning was hilarious 😆🤣

    Dubs got the Dub, ooh wee!! 👍👏🥳🥳🔥🔥

  13. last night Steph was like: "nanny nanny boo boo! you can't catch me!"

  14. That was the best I’ve seen Jordan Poole play ngl. I’m surprised Steve didn’t settle and keep him in more like I’m proud of him for not falling into that but at the same time I feel bad for Jordan bc he was actually playing really well

  15. I felt like it was over this year but with either in this round, wcf and finals it felt like the favorites were better but with Milwaukee out, sixers injured, boston bsing… I think our toughest competition left is lakers (unless they have to go 7) and nuggets (I got them destroying phoenix… any upsets in the west and I feel like we may be title favorites like at the beginning of the year.. but question to everyone.. are non warrior fans prepared for the arrogance and belligerence we’ll spew if they win… like it may be career altering for some people in the media 😂

  16. I saw Moody's block on Huerter. Moody ain't the quickest, but damn, Huerter is slow & sluggish. How has he been in the league so long.

  17. im so upset i missed this stream before the game man smh definitely think that i wouldnt be alone in saying wed like to see this type of stuff right after games for sure lol. would like to see initial reactions

  18. 46 minutes shit that’s rare

  19. They found it, not all the way but they found the magic again you can feel it a collective calm focused energy and passion for team basketball. The kings can’t guard them only way warriors lose is if they beat themselves.
    Warriors can still be better but down 3 after one when the kings had their absolute A plus quarter that’s when I knew they had it

  20. That smile at the beginning 😂 I felt that

  21. shame i couldn't catch this live, but can't wait to dive in even after watching the games!
    Love the content, you the greatest for real!

  22. That will probably be Nick Wrights take today. „They targeting his finger.“ 😂

  23. You watch dragon ball alc?

  24. Report came out that Kawhi tore his ACL. No way he could have played through that. Kawhi doesn't load manage in the playoff unless it's really bad.

  25. Ready to eat crow in my patron comment tomorrow lol. What a win. Draymond hearing the chatter of parting ways with him this offseason and he said BET

  26. More and more I understand why Poole got hit not saying it was fair or right but I understand

  27. Jordan Poole had 10 points and that was the greatest game I've ever seen him play.

  28. JK will be ready for the 2nd round I have all confidence he will

  29. You FIRE Alch! 🤩🤩😍😍🤣🤣

  30. Holy w shirt that nickname don’t get used enough

  31. Warriors STILL haven t made any adjustments for turnovers, missing free throws, stupid fouls and passing up guaranteed 2s for a 3pt MISS. I wouldn't bet or count on them.

  32. Me and my dad been calling him Joku since last season. We also call Moses Moody MoMoo but I dont think its ever gonna catch on 😂😂😂

  33. Ill watch the game first. Its on right now…sorry!

  34. He should pout like a baby

  35. A 40 minute video I think you meant to put is the patron

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