War Robots – 5 Tips On Becoming A Pro

War Robots – 5 Tips On Becoming A Pro

hey guys! in this video i thought I would do a little voice over but instead of talking about…


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  1. Already on gold league lv 30 and rayker strider pursuer and a arthur titan and still suffer from teaming

  2. I used the worst scin and got 5 kills

  3. you must accept losses to learn how to get better next game

  4. Bonus too know what kind of bot it is and know who good and bad it is and know it’s counters

  5. buy desh robots for become a pro player 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  6. Moms are always like: "It's just a game." Now you are against moms

  7. so im good even tho my stuff is level 7

  8. Did not like your commentary. When you finally got to the end I felt angry for sitting here waiting for some wise ass shit but nope. My advice, head to your nearest university and take a public speaking class if you want to get better. Some things to improve on, Remove these from your vocabulary and daily life – Um, Uhh, Mmm. Use a script. Stick to it . Stop talking about yourself, I did want to hear you speak just not about yourself or your refusal of loss thingy ( Never really explained this one out to make any sense ) or … anyway it pissed me off for watching it and writing this. I liked the 3rd one best as its so not me, but it should be me, and I thank you for bringing it to my attention, again, Thanks.. NMF

  9. Practice and patience is key. My robot are level 7 with level 8-9 weapons,and they put me in matches with people with 12 level robots and weapons like wtf? But I still get at least 4-8 kills in a match and patience is why

  10. Comment deleted out of respect have a nice day Blitheran.

  11. Fizzco YT needs to get a sense of humor. Blitheran I am glad to hear that when you said you played a thousand games a week I became worried about your health which is why made my comments. I wish you great health and success.I love this game or I wouldn't have been watching videos about WWR. Fizzco YT I highly recommend you seek mental therapy and some anger management therapy. You might also want to work on those social skills! Have you noticed how Blitheran responded in a professional and civil manner with no insults no profanity and no assumptions.

  12. Tell me your bots and weapons levels, if you don't mind, those punishers look nasty… XD

  13. I love u blitheran sometimes I think ur better than pheonix

  14. Scratch all that the secret to become a pro player pay to win,or else good luck waisting 5 years of your life losing with shitty matchmaking system

  15. I agree with all your thoughts and i will try all of them.thanks

  16. I'm pro but always got no plan

  17. " I don't pay I got this from hard work " but at the end we can see that you are in premium mode who cost 10,99 $ a month 🤔

  18. My win rate dropped from 86% to 42% in a few days.

  19. reply to my comment i am ur 4th subscriber.😎

  20. Podrían al menos ponerle subtítulos en Español, existe cuya gente hispana por respeto

  21. Not bad. Practice and familiar with weapons you use and enemy's weapons distance range helps a lot. Keep our good videos

  22. I got champion with a thunder Orkan Lancelot Lvl7 a plasma Galahad lvl7 a aphid Orkan griffin lvl7 a plasma rogattka lvl7 and a Russian deathbutton griffin lvl 7 all weapons lvl 7 too is it a good start too become a pro?

  23. Ok here r some of the dumbest mistakes I've made since playing one rushing to 6 enemies with thunder since I had pinater and thunder and btw I used Leo
    2 I jumped too fast with griffin and landed in the battlefield with no teammates
    3i thought destrier was the most op robot no joke that was on day one and I was in a game of pros with Natashas griffins leos

  24. No entendí un (CARAJO) porque esta en ingles

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