W/Owned Media Portrays Mexico Blk Victims In A Negative Way By Bringing Up Past

W/Owned Media Portrays Mexico Blk Victims In A Negative Way By Bringing Up Past

Demetra Kaye reports on W/Owned Media portraying Mexico Blk victims in a negative way by bringing up past.
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  1. They went there to buy drugs like they did before, do your research.

  2. KKK and black people need reparations in order to go buy all their land in middle America. Now what?

  3. There is a perpetual hatred for all of us that are made in the image and likeness of TMH Yah

  4. MSM in the USA is disgusting, and racists

  5. Look y'all my copper collared people family reunion coming c u there

  6. ii got Mexico a lot.
    Never had a problem.
    It's more dangerous in America.

  7. Your right, the press probably did look in to that white girl that was murdered background and decided to cover up her lengthy rap sheet for selling crack next to schools because she was white.
    I'm sure thats what happened, it couldn't be that she was an innocent without a criminal record.

  8. Tummy tucking crack.

  9. Why is it hard to know one's past in America. What history do you have in your canon of who you are. Americas are :North and south, the dark side of humans as the real story of north and south America was erased. By Europe and its diseases, biological and psychological 🙄😳

  10. These folks are scandalous, never surprised by the crap they do

  11. They disrespected these people just because the color of their skin. When any other race of people die they don't let other groups disrespect their race's dead. But if you are black then it is ok to disrespect us, our families, our dead and our lives. Curse those who think black life is cheap.

  12. Hmm….isn't slavery brought up when we discuss how terrible whites are? We're not doing the past anymore?

  13. Not only whyte media Tanya tko brought this out as soon as the story came out

  14. White people! When the Most High comes back whites are going to be sorry!!!

  15. Y'all know how the white media is !!!!!

  16. It's 2023
    Are We Really Surprised

  17. No surprise. The media has always vilified black people every chance it got. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Black people loot, White people find?

  18. Grow up…the world not revolve around you guys..alot of people's been killed by cartel …stop blame other people's…..stop victimised your own self…. there's alot of bad things happen these days.. racism is everywhere in different timeline not just your black people's who been treat like that.. there's war, inflation,famine, genocide and flu that's more important things rather than your minor issues

  19. I hope the survivors file a lawsuit against the person that wrote this

  20. they glorify they’re criminals is well

  21. We need to sue for this ish

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