Voodoo Believers Explain What People Get Wrong About Their Faith

Voodoo Believers Explain What People Get Wrong About Their Faith

Voodoo is an ancient but misunderstood religion practiced by millions worldwide. Meaning…


  1. Devilry is at work here

  2. BOOM ! check this out… so your title is ALL wrong. whoever wrote it. Do you believe in an airplane? or do you know about air planes? some believe, but me and all the taboo religons now. we know. i can shock you, any , body. im on life # 8……. 8 ! think about that for a while

  3. I have a neighbour who charms the spiders when he’s hiding around the corner and sends them into my house. The spiders start to behave like he does and that’s when I go outside and see that he is there.

  4. 😂 they saw that Africans were United and that's why? No they saw people sacrificing animals and other people while thinking they are casting spells and warding off spirits. That's insanity. Just the same as catholicism. And it should all be treated just the same, as insanity

  5. $end money now. We will win!!!!

  6. Sorcerers will be destined to the lake of fire-revelation 22:8. If you believe in the devil then God is also real🤷🏾‍♂️. You can live for the devil in the physical life but you’ll have to pay the consequences in the spiritual life.

  7. Voodoo is demonic. The priestess must communicate with spirits because they require certain items or sacrifice. Depending on the spirit, some require body parts which leads to animal or human sacrifice. When she said that human sacrifice was practiced in the old days is not the truth. The problem with these spiritual practices is that there is no objective text indicating right/wrong. It's totally up to the wishes of the practitioner and the spirit he/she is communicating with. These pieces never show the wicked side of the practice.

  8. They REALLY could have killed that chicken a lot more humanely

  9. Crazy that our people traded their own ppl, voodoo, diamond mines, etc. for the holy bible and tobacco. But Africans are quick to look down on black Americans but they destroyed everything we had to claim as ours

  10. I like voodoo as much as I like paganism. I’m not gonna go practice voodoo, because it’s not my right to.

  11. The poor animal dying for literally no reason. These backward unscientific "beliefs" are still stigmatizing those in the developing world and causing literal witch-hunts. These beliefs are harmful and are not real.

  12. If there God is the true God, may God bless them. We are all here to experience. God gave us the freedom to make a choice, you can serve him or try to be like him. The choice is ours

  13. I can get you in contact with a close friend of mine, whose family have being practicing voodoo for generations. Hit me up, ill be glad to help 🙂

  14. VODOO is a HINDU-Arabic-SEMITIC-ZOHAR Mystic Kabbalah spiritualistic RELIGION in Africa! and the FRENCH make it look like its fighting them but its the one that PROMOTES this PAGAN HINDU religion! In INDIA, Hindu was RETURNED to its PAGAN ROOTS by BLAVASKY Euro-Indian MYSTIC, after they saw that Indians were CHRISTIANISING. RELIGIONS are just means of CONTROLLING PEOPLE. If you read your BIBLE and FOLLOW what it says you NEVER ever NEED these Indo-EUro-Islamic-Jewis-Arab-Indians Religions. BANTU are MONOTHEISTIC and WORSHIO ONLY the CREATOR of HEAVEN AND EARTH and not these WHITE-BROWN peoples G/gods!!

  15. Most people use voodo to hurt people but you can use voodoo for good or bad intentions

  16. Witch craft itself is not evil people people just use it to do evil things. All the power comes from the same source.

  17. Voodoo is just like any other religion. It doesnt matter if its stabbing a doll or clasping hands and whispering to a cross. A wish for better is a wish for better and a wish for worse is a wish for worse. Any polarization is in the worshipper themself.

  18. Wudu is a cleaning ritual for people in the Middle East and Africa known as voodoo. It was introduced during the 12th -14th century after the Black Plague killed many of the Europeans. As the Middle Eastern and Africans used to handle animals it was required to stop the spread of disease. It’s a pointless ritual now as sanitisers and soaps are available. 🤴🏽🕉🔺➕

  19. lmao literal demon worship, pretty schizo

  20. Do More Videos About Voodoo Like This

  21. Foolio grandma do voodoo

  22. If I can than I'll behèàď these magicians in one shot

  23. why do people still believe this kinda stuff….
    like all other religions just purposely ignoring facts…

  24. I really can't thank Dr Igben enough for what he has done in my relationship after helping me cast a spiritual love spell on my Ex boyfriend that made him fully mine

  25. Explained absolutely nothing here .

  26. dis is so interesting 🧐

  27. Bunch of bullshit is all it is

  28. It's against god it's straight up satanic no where god told us to worship him this way all this knowledge came from Égypte and was giving by Lucifer and his fallen angels christ the truth the light the way do not be fooled by devil games

  29. – So… Human sacrifices?
    – No! It was in the old times!

    Well, then there was human sacrifices when people used to acuse your religion of sacrificing humans after all.

  30. The title is clickbait. I was expecting actual explanations of voodoo and its misrepresentations.
    At best, this video is just some extra footage they wanted to make use of. At worst, it's just further perpetuating this "us-them" mentality, and making money while doing so.


  32. Satanists behaving like saviours is old trick in booo

  33. Saint Joseph terror of demons Pray for us…

  34. Pls pray the rosary and devine mercy prayer to free all countries from war, calamities, hunger, diseases, abortion, divorce, prostitution, homosexuality, drugs, corruption, vices and all evils.pls pray for peace and joy on all families and home..

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