VIC MENSA Talks About Black Americans Trying To Get Out, Leaving 2 Africa & Escaping The System

VIC MENSA Talks About Black Americans Trying To Get Out, Leaving 2 Africa & Escaping The System

Upon his quest of “Leaving 2 Africa,” we couldn’t let VIC MENSA go without chopping it up with him. Joining Siya for a potent conversation, the American rapper first touches on the order of the V Tape, the I Tape, as well as the forthcoming…


  1. Slikour and the new accent lol

  2. This man is not Blac america and he don't speak for us….why will BA leave a 1st world country for 3rd world countries…FOH a african don't deal with race the are tribalism he's in south africa ask them about them attacking Nigerians?

  3. Let’s be fair and let’s be clear…Vic make that mid stuff

  4. 🔥🔥Dope interview I learned something here namhlanje

  5. KPI – Key Performance Indicators


  7. Fully agree with vic. America is insane right now.

  8. This was painful to watch…

  9. Here you get harassed by black cops… It’s worse here!

  10. Slik look uncomfortable AF!…🤔

  11. KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators , FYI . 18:09

  12. Vic has opened his third eye guys this guy is literally at the top of the hierarchy in terms of lyricism, he has the potential to be on the seat with bo J cole, Kendrick and Ab-soul i watched only one of his Cyphers and i knew from then on he is intelligent, you can see by the way he speaks and reacts his chilled he is in own zone doesn't comply to the speed of the globe

  13. Powerful Interview every black person needs to watch this we will rise again !!

  14. what about us finding opportunities ko states and getting booked over there, is it possible?

  15. Vic you’d have my respect still if you didn’t pull that X stunt.

  16. Vic mentioned the Key Teachers of Real HipHop Culture…KRS One is still alive and still spitting Real HipHop and to those SA Artists who wanna copy the Culture of Commercial Hiphop in America …why don't thier learn and manifest from the real HipHop teachers who are still alive till this day …KRS One ,Public Enemy ,Prof Griff to sort of learning the real roots of the Culture then Mainstream it in thier South Africa version 🤔

  17. Slik be scared af 😂

  18. Slikour is always like this guys he doesn’t like superimposing his opinion on his interviewees 🤦🏾‍♂️

  19. KPI (Keep Performance Indicator) & Slikour is on point. Ideas are just ideas if they are not acted upon!

  20. Take a shot everytime vic says "ya know wa mean"

  21. Victoria Menses is baaaack🤔

  22. Vic Mensa doesn’t want to be in the interview

  23. Dope interview and very educational.

  24. Slikour was intimidated by Vic’s aura. That his body language and voice broke down.

    Side note ( this nothing negative. It’s normal lol)

  25. They look like they are not comfortable around each other.

    16 shots will always be one of his greatest work.

  26. Used to like dude until he dressed up like a girl. You can never come back from that and be a respected hip hop artist.

  27. Slik give the homie so much power 👀 he look too nervous tjooo Relax slik bra

  28. Watch the space ima be this show wgen i blow up from cape town

  29. Damm 🙆‍♂️🔥thanks for bringing vic BRO ⚡

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