US State Department Spent $600K To Study Kenyan Men

US State Department Spent $600K To Study Kenyan Men

Vicki Dillard reports that the US state department spent $600K to study Kenyan men’s propensity to become militants.


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  1. However, the best laid plans fall apart….😯

  2. They are looking to train Kenyan men to become Boko Harem to create discord/ instability in the country and possibly to fight Uganda or surrounding countries if need be.

  3. Remember what president Biden said to Africans. Becareful what you wish for from them. If Africans, dont Becareful. Thy will be on the dinners table again. God is watching

  4. Unfortunately average blk male dont carry all 5 of those traits.

  5. If this ain’t war on the black alpha males then idk what is! Smh

  6. Black people are the worst enemy. Killing each other to maintain tribal power
    and selling their natural resources to the Chinese and Europeans.

  7. The Kenyan Government;
    I’m Embarrassed For Them…
    So Sad…
    They’re Going To Study Them
    So They Can Conquer Them…
    Just A Thought 💭

  8. They're trying to figure out how to break a masculine man and or pump something in them to do so. 😢

  9. Of course they'll choose Africa to study how real men are. And pay for it too.


  11. Awaken indigenous Yoruba citizen stand no chance with deceitful society, zero tolerance to coercion practices,Yoruba ppl pledge allegiance to full transparency and maximum responsibility towards progress & accountability! This is message to all peace loving society, Youruba indigenous citizen have emancipate themselves from mental colony, reconnect back to Grassroot structure for a better and promising future.

    This message is brought to you by the Yoruba-Nation Leader- Mrs Modupe Onitiri Abiola.
    Unapologetic Yoruba, unlimited Yoruba, undiluted Yoruba, a civilised Yoruba, excellent yoruba, uncompromise Yorubanation!!!

  12. Who in Kenya is approving this study. If Kenya is giving their approval how much are they being paid?

  13. They are building an AI with the same behaviour

  14. Africa has an alarming birth rate and their afraid blks taking over and the white race is dying out plain and simple that’s why they passed row vs wade

  15. I’m so glad Trump was spoken about because I’ve come across too many confused Black folks that are supporting Trump blindly. But Trump is far from being for Black folks. Very far. This study was done during his administration but the vast majority of people are sadly sheep being led to the slaughter.

  16. The devo will never win never. We are here am one of them and they will never succeed. Never stay away from westerners

  17. They want to make them boys girls 👿

  18. The question is when are black men going to stop going to be studied like lab rats??

  19. and the black kenyan gov't allowed it. Ok. "mother" africa

  20. I am concerned about the same old practices of yt men targetting Blk people experimentally, especially Blk men. Why did the Kenyan people agree to such experiments? Do they not know the history of America and its exploitation of Blk people?. Is this is why the LGBQ agenda is being so drastically pushed?

  21. Couldnt be my son/man! They gone have syphiillis or sissiness. Im soo disappointed

  22. 🚩🚩🚩 👀👀👀 they are Yahuah people .

  23. I am a Ghanaian. We championed the Black emancipation and if you Black people don't LISTEN to me then you are DOOMED.

  24. Since the 80's there is alrdy DNA weapons /study put in motion often in the disguise of humanitarian hospitals in the Global South. just saying

  25. US Govt created Al Queda in the middle east to justify a “war on terror” & our invasion for oil. Now they’re doing the same to Africans & the US just sent troops of these Kenyans to Haiti. Wake up my ninjas!

  26. To sterilize them , MURDER.😢

  27. Trump funded a similar study regarding Black men in the US. It appears to be an assault on heterosexual Black males worldwide. And you can bet the US isn't the only country doing it too.

  28. They sound like b**chs if you ask me 😆 🤣

  29. Kenya is a successful western idea of how a morden African country should be,don't be surprised by this,the worst is coming and kenyans won't do anything about it.

  30. Cry about it 😂😂😂😂

  31. Everytime I see this channel I'm hoping that it's not Phil on here.

  32. I agree this is probably an effort to make strong men weak. Easier to take over the country and keep it weak

  33. Um must be a target of concern, as in the slave trade, seeking to find the modern day slave resisters as they did in America. "Agenda 21" in full effect. James in America Chicago. 🤔😐

  34. Americans have the most terrorists , domestic terrorism happens in the USA every two weeks , Why are they always trying to attack Black Male sexuality ???

  35. Esse é o mecanismo do brancúismo:os brancús chegam agindo como bonzinhos, tratando os outro como iguais, no fundo da mente, estao planejando como dar o golpe. Estudam, aprendem o que podem sobre suas ou do povo; fraquezas e fortalezas, aparecem como aliados, amigos…, depois aparentam lhe fazendo um favor, depois pedem um favor, depois querem mais, depois aparentam ter direito ao mesmo que foi concedido em favor, depois aparentam que sempre estiveram ali, depois tomam o que não lhes pertence e nem numca pertenceu antes, aparentam que sempre estiveram ali no pior e no melhor, nesse momento, os brancú usam as fraquezas e fortalezas de quem os acolheus ou trocou com os brancú, para os destruir, e depois saem dizendo que os outros lhe devem… fingim que serem vitimas, escondem suas falhas e erros e perversidades e auto protegem e protegem os rabos sujos dos iguais e continuam com o mecanismo. Já que o mecanismo é conhecido…evite esse pessoal…seja qual o preco!

  36. Right time to kick them out, this idiots are trying to corrupt our God given orientation as they did with their population. Im waiting to see them came and try that with me.

  37. As always, we have been our own worst enemies and it started when we sold our own to slavery. Almost every suffering you see in Africa is self-inflicted. The West and Europe are just taking advantage of our own stupidity, and now China and Russia want in. When they killed Sankara we went mute, when they killed Gaddafi, again we were mute. These foreign countries are exploiting us because we would rather have someone from our own tribe in power, even if that person is the village idiot than have someone who would actually bring change. Our leaders are actively selling us out, yet we claim that it's through God's grace that they got elected. We would rather build multi-million mega-churches than build educational facilities. We are full of impunity, corruption, tribalism and nepotism and up until we do away with those issues, there is no hope for Africa.

  38. 😮 sister with the curly hair you have got to be kidding me. But nothing these people do will surprise me, who lived a long time the BS that these people do to ultimately figure out what is causing melanated Superstars to do and be what they are. Thanks for sharing this fantastic story. I believe you with the ancient greeting and blessing from Kemet, life power prosperity protection be with you.

  39. Truth be told, $600k is pennies to the state department… They spend 1,000 times more on "military contractors" with the same attributes

  40. Why don't they study why white men join white supremacy groups?

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