US Extends Its Sanctions On Zimbabwe For Another Year

US Extends Its Sanctions On Zimbabwe For Another Year

@maritawanazw reports on Biden extending sanctions on Zimbabwe for another year.


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  1. A mad dog with numbered days on a biting spree. Sanction left right and center.

  2. The other African nations should step in and help them!


  4. What did the people of Zimbabwe did to America, does Zimbabwe need America?

  5. Oh yeah the poor goverment that enacted ethnic cleansing is having sanctions oh that is so unjust. I mean is only ethnic cleansing and politically motivated and goverment aprove racially motivated murders. But of course this channel is based on the hatred of the people that were attacked by the Zimbabwe goverment.

  6. They wasting their time Zimbabwe is a Bric nation now

  7. So what are these sanctions and what we as individual out side of black africka can do about these sanction??

  8. America and its allies only do what Africa allows. I have never seen a pack of lions win when the Buffalo's unite and fight back….

  9. Africa must unite…. Whatever sanctions America places on Zim insist upon those same sanctions for all of Africa. Add to them and advise the USA that sanctioned African countries shouldn't be visited at all by countries that believe they have the power arrogance and ignorance to Sanction Africa. Allow the fools to sanction themselves away from the continent…

  10. Zimbabwe as a country have suffered heavily as result of the US sanctions. Applyiing sanctions on African countries like Zimbabwe is an easy exercise to the US morespecially when their interest is at stake but this will never resolve the underlying issues that caused this problem.

  11. Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 please Let USA out of your plans, America is not God to stop the air you are breathing.


  13. It is ridiculous, they talk of democratic processes yet they gave a slap on the wrist to civilians and politicians that tried to overthrow the U.S. Govt. That plus they treat certain citizens (like us), as less than citizens, how is that democratic? They hypocrisy is astounding.

  14. This is why countries around the world is getting rid of the paper dollar. Biden needs to move his attention towards the State of Mississippi. The state Government, is taking away the Black residents of Jackson Mississippi rights. They are reenacting Jim Crow laws on the Black population there.

  15. Zimbabwe stand tall stand Trump strong don't allow the United States into your circle at all never


  17. BRICS indeed. It's a new dawn, a new day, new Africa

  18. At least you knew where you stand no confusion there. No need for Camala Harris to come to your country and confuse you

  19. Go and do campaign on the ground in Zim not on YouTube kutamba

  20. I am a white American. Biden and the politicians don’t have the people’s support. Just keep in mind 90% of the land mass in America vote republican and when America starts to really fall it won’t last long as we will self correct. At some point the America party will surface. Zimbabwe…hold strong. Do what you have to do but many Americans support africa including myself.

  21. US is playing a dangerous game. God will bless Africa for not participating in the evil US and the west is imposing on African countries. Don’t worry about the sanctions Africa God has your back. US is already feeling the consequences of their sins. That’s why countries all over the world is dumping the US Dollar.

  22. Why the sudden love for Africa by WS America? So imposing punitive sanctions on the people because they had the gut to reclaim their own land from grabbers looks alright to you? Please stop the tomfoolery, enough is enough.

  23. Amazing how the USA think they are in charge of everything, tell them to take a hike :)

  24. More power to Africa, from Australia, respect :)

  25. Instead of imposing the sanctions on Israel which violates human rights on a daily basis and practises apartheid

  26. Stand firm Zimbabwe. My African brothers and sisters we are GODS that's why America and Britain and other FUCKERS are trying to ENSLAVE us. AMERICA and BRITAIN are the REAL CRIMINALS OF THE WORLD.

  27. Africa must stand up to this bully and let them know that gun boat or shotgun diplomacy does not scare Africa anymore because Africa now has friends.

  28. A bully only knows one language and the Chines and Russians will gladly support Zimbabwe. Hypocrisy the same administration that was in Ghana giving support..

  29. Let's see if they sanction Ireal. They just passed Laws preventing Christians from spreading the gospel of Jesus with jail time. America is not the superpower, and they do not try this with Ireal, Iraq, or Korea, do they. Leave Africa alone.

  30. Who's the USA for this world? They must shut up they're mouth live people to do they're own stuff

  31. We don't need America at all we are okay on our own we endured for a long time and we are now ok what they are saying doesn't affect us at all Africans we can do it on our own

  32. A hell with sanctions…a hell with US. Welcome to BRICS Zimbabwe. Much love and respect of my fellow Zimbabweans from South Africa.

  33. The United States wants to steal the lithium from Zimbabwe. That's why they wage an economic war on Zimbabwe

  34. The US got some nerve.

  35. What a joke. The us owes them reparations. God will judge every evil doer

  36. Africa could give 2 fuks what US is doing.. Africa basically is giving the United States the middle finger.

  37. Long Live ZIMBABWE never go back on our's what the US is enraged about for decades.. God bless ZIMBABWE we remain God's creation 🇿🇼💖🇿🇼🙌

  38. The US showing its true nature again.

  39. Lol
    USA 🇺🇸 this bullshit has been ages and we being informed about USA as if its the Lord that made humans,What’s USA if Africans are able to manage to unite to manage their own Affairs?
    USA,UK and Eu are nations that shouldn’t be allowed to put Feet into Africa if African Leaders really have Dignity,Brain and Are in Power for the benefits of their Citizens and Not their Masters who brutalised their Ancestors,Took away their People in Chains,Richies and Resources….

  40. Thhe good news is that Zimbabwe has now the opportunity to diversify its trade partners .

  41. America needs to stay out of Africa .

  42. US cuts its nose off to spite it’s face.

  43. Africans really don't
    have to kiss
    America's narrow, pink, diapered AZZ !!
    U r the richest continent, keep your mineral rights.
    There r others to trade with.
    America, England,and Chinese,
    Have never played well, with others.
    Never !!

  44. Africa unite..stop wasting times ..time in now or never

  45. Way to go, Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 !!!

  46. Don't worry Russia will come to the aid of Zimbabwe…. Africa don't need Amerikka!!!

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