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  1. You know people are always quick to judge when they not wearing the shoes
    Me am with Annie in this one
    Any decision people make, there are still some that will think it’s not the best
    Some people come from a good place with their opinion but let’s all just live and respect decisions.

  2. Am late in watching it
    Will be watching it after this video

  3. I agree with you about Annie she is actually highly manipulative.

  4. I love most of the fashion .. I laughed when 2face said let’s do this next 10 years and Annie said that 😀

  5. Thank you for sharing your view on this matter, i just believe that Annie hasnt gotten over the betrayal but she is forming i go die there.. She seems hurts, she cried literally in every scene. i pray she gets the help that she needs.

  6. Love this look 😍 👌 💕

  7. Regular degular brokeass men🤣🤣🤣….personally i havent watched the show but i no for sure annie isnt a weak person. U r right he knows he cant go anywhere. If he dares to, it's going to be a social media fiasco with 2baba's dirty linens washed in the public. These guys have been together going on 2 decades, she knows his deepest secrets, she knows what to use for his downfall. I wish them well jare

  8. Annie gives off "if u leave me i go dye" vibes 😂😂

  9. Thank you sis You said it all! You define my piont of view very well, even in the series she said indirectly! He isn't my boyfriend, baby papa, My Husband of ten years recap 😜

  10. Hi Nelo ur looking beautiful, I havent watched yet but will defo tune in.

  11. Babe looking gorgeous! Let me sit down and relax with my cold ice tea lol

  12. This is a live video gist sis. Please set one up, let us gist. The fake excitement in the phone call was irritating I swear. That Arabian night outfit and her bum that was everywhere 😩

  13. Annie lacks self confidence! The way she squats when sitting down, her body language, she wasn’t Kherson and she was not relaxed at all but I love her though!
    I hope they paid her well because she brought so much of her personal life!
    Last year, khanyi mbau abandoned kudzi in their home in Dubai and fled to SA and people are still asking questions why she did what she did! Am surprised it was not aired on the show….

  14. I really enjoyed your analysis 🤣🤣🤣

  15. I don't know exactly what made her vulnerable in that series. Her excitement is just so weird to me. Kawyi or whatever its her name appears jealous however Zari is such a drama, I think she's kind of woman that intentionally stir problems without even trying. Pulling 2face and dragged Annie in it was totally unnecessary. But anyway I enjoyed watching and I enjoyed the series.

  16. Ha ha ha @ Annie n tuface ?? Another angle ooo🤣🤣🤣

  17. We are here for the beauty..

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