Uncle Phil – Women Weren't Made To Lead The Household

Uncle Phil – Women Weren't Made To Lead The Household

Davina Mavuwa shares her opinion on the purpose of men leading the household and making sound decisions for the family. Davina stated that women weren’t made to lead the family. That’s why men are very important and need Brothas to walk in…


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  2. Until matriarchal living is acceptable by those who feel otherwise there will be no balance… what has a man had to do for a household besides pay a Bill… they can be there however they don't cook clean or rear children… some men may do these things however it's rare… and the men don't hold the house together they step out of the home at alarming rates…sooooo I don't get it

  3. I wasted 10 mins of my life listening to this foolish woman.

  4. People are taught to be in unhealthy, toxic relationships

  5. Black men worldwide need to Rise Up !!!!!!! We need to raise more strong and responsible Black men in our communities.

  6. Try being a real man in the UK, especially if you are black, you are hated or seen as a threat, the system is at fault.!!

  7. She said nonsense, she should keep her westernised values to himself

  8. You have ruffled some feathers 😂



  11. Another, "the men aren't doing enough even though they literally provide and direct the house" talk 🦜🦜🦜

    She couldn't even define leadership without stalling, and all she said was "I think". Nope. Reject this

  12. At 10:00 she admits that the men are providing for the family, working and making the most in the household. Then she says "I think" there is still a lack of leadership of a man.

    No, you said it throughout this. You are making excuses to get your voice heard over the man. She has valid points in the obvious area of forced acts. Beyond that, nope. She's pushing feminism. I don't endorse that at all.

  13. The modern day black women doesn't want our protection, leadership, or masculinity. The modern day black man is left in a situation where women and every other race of men are telling the black man how they think he should be acting. Black women have become the main tool used against the black man in white supremacy. Black women don't want to be submissive in any way to the black man but can all of a sudden become what most black men never see when they go with a white man. She says men are not men anymore. Who's fault is that? The black man? Or is it the society of today who is constantly criminalized us and emasculated the black man with extreme purpose.

  14. " Men are not men anymore ". Facts

  15. Yes, the women have raised men to be boys, and their daughters to be the leaders. Thus, this is a failure.

  16. My father has taught this for years. That’s why he became the single father until he remarried. A woman is not meant to carry the household on her own. And there is no shame in that. We aren’t meant to carry those worries. When I was younger I used to get so upset at this. I used to think a woman can do whatever a man can, and it was hurtful to hear him say this. But as I keep living I smile and chuckle to myself. He’s absolutely right. Not all men were meant to have households. Not all men are meant to lead. Now we can choose ;women can choose, and men can choose too. The problem comes when you are not equally yoked, forcing your ideals on someone who has their own ideals. Find someone with the values you hold and you will be happy. If you want 50/50 find someone that agrees. If you want full traditional then find someone that has those ideals too. It’s very simple. Great Interview!

  17. You don't have to go to church to teach ur sons or daughter about the creater.

  18. These evil schemes have been planned for centuries!!!

  19. Great conversation. I had to go to the channel to find it I didn't receive a notice for these conversations.

  20. I'm a single father of 4 children.. I never worry about these things. I just simply do what needs to be done. It's not stressful it's prideful

  21. Dr. Francis Cress Welsing and Sharazad Ali are the truth… Too bad we didn't listen…

  22. Not to disrespect to my $¡$T@$ but a matriarchal household in a patriarchal ran society ain't working. The Black American community is a perfect case study. This is no way to diminish the roles our $¡$T@$ play in our community but emotionalism cannot combat logic.
    Our $¡$T@$ have done their best to raise their young sons under a matriarchal household, it's just doesn't prepare them for the real world.

  23. Aww damn! She's been bitten by the feminism plague, and she's crazy 🤦🏿


  25. This woman sounds like she has a touch of feminism in her blood.

  26. Being a spiritual leader up in the house I don't have to talk about church. But I can try to lead on morals and respect and Love.

  27. Yes because the woman hold the rights of our children but law smh

  28. Set the law in so called Africa that woman cant take care of there children alone the natural father needs to be rather than away because sum like me know it's better to go than to stay years back we would protect woman but to many deaths to many fights and that's globally all man have the same problem now

  29. No we dont lack leadership man are scared to get a rape charge while it's not even true or fights mental fights and more

  30. As a man who leads regardless but than the law will come into play and

  31. I'm not hating on her, but I get a feeling she's one of those sis who's lived in Babylon a.k.a West, returns back to the motherland and feels the women on the continent need liberation. Even though I don't live in SA I feel she makes loads of generalized statements which may not be true.

  32. Uh oh… feminism coming to the continent. They are content destroying the community here. They wanna destroy it everywhere. Smdh

  33. She bouta go back to Africa and spread poison. Smh I wonder who’s funding or backing this sista. I hope she wake up before it’s to late

  34. Christianity is your colonizers religion, it weakens the black man

  35. Many of these man are trying to be like a woman these days sad.

  36. As i always say America is not the whole world.!!! The world is bigger than America.

  37. Cooperation should lead the household. Both parents must work together.

  38. Religion does not work to our benefit. We need to cast it aside and focus on the real issues.

  39. I think that feminism is the way it is because of capitalism, we spend most of our adults life at work, we live in a economy in which both men & women need to work just to support a household. People are so busy surviving we don't have time to support each other.

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