Uncle Phil – Black American Teen Accepted To Medical School At 13 Years Old

Uncle Phil – Black American Teen Accepted To Medical School At 13 Years Old

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  2. JW Watchtower Religion is a Disgusting LIE

  3. Self Defense Extremely important RIP 🙏 Charion Lockett Houston TX

  4. Inspiring Intelligent professional

  5. African American Excellence

  6. Ohh I'm so proud of her ,I will definitely share this 💖

  7. This young lady been called by most high to do something special for our people ,may God bless her and every area of her life so pride to see this. I give her mother the utmost credit.

  8. For every yt super genius you have 2 Black super geniuses. Stay true young lady. Test on organs on a chip, not animals.

  9. This is a GREAT story! Thanks for posting positive, authentic news in our community!

  10. Congratulations young sista! Nothing but the bless and success to you!😃👍🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

  11. Phenomenal, yet a reminder of the gift of our Cosmic Carbon DNA!
    AWESOME…So proud. The Ancestors are too!🙏💝

  12. I wish my 14 year old cousin would be in the books more but smh… all she want to do is follow social media trends… long hair ,long nails ,tiktok smh… failing in school but so badly want that permit and easy spicy food smh

  13. Yeah Phil.. you should invite her and her parents to the show.. seems like the black community sowing seeds in the shadows of babylon 🤔🤔

  14. My daughters name is Aleena, guess we picked the right name lol… She only 9 but so far she’s shown a lot of promise, but congratulations to this young lady wish her all the best…

  15. That's what's up! Keep up the good work! 🎉🎉🎉

  16. This was a great story… thanks for putting out this African American achievement. We have so many! Other groups are quick to point out their achievements here – on the backs & shoulders of what our African American forebears accomplished to open up opportunity for Black and Brown peoples the world over – here in the US. I rarely if ever hear – "Thank you African Americans, we all owe you a debt of gratitude". Time to understand this attitude, look inward, and affirm our history…

  17. I'm Glad this Channel exist. It's refreshing too see something POSITIVE in The Black Community without Politics or anyone arguing to get ahead! A Child at 12 had a choice to do something in College, & at 13 She makes a decision to do something different! Hallelujah!

  18. I am proud of this child that represents us all in neglected community blacks.

  19. We are the only group that don't use our God Gifted Brains. That's why slavery lasted, so long not using our brains. Our emotions keep us emotional and stupid. Remember winners are critical thinking 🤔.

  20. I am very proud and happy for this young lady her parents are are doing a great job and not letting the school just educate her….

  21. If black people have had access to the same privilege and opportunities, in other words, if the playing field is the same for all, black people would have dominated.

  22. Look at travel as an investment in your education, travel is better education than school THANKS FOR THAT SEED

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