UN Officials Condemn Violence in Sudan

UN Officials Condemn Violence in Sudan

As fighting in Sudan is expected to continue into the Eid al-Fitr holiday, U.N. officials are working to establish humanitarian corridors between Sudan’s two warring factions. For more, VOA’s Esther Githui-Ewart spoke to VOA U.N….


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  1. This Is The Falt Of The United Nations And The United States.. They Want Conflict In This Region So That The People Of SUDAN Will BEG America For Help.. Which Will Undermine The SUDAN GOVERNMENT.. I Wouldn't Believe A Word They Say.. Because It's All A Lie.. Incredible.. 😠😠😡😡🤬🤬🤬 WHERE IS THE AFRICAN UNION!!!

  2. I think, that: "The A.U." and ALL -Poss_ABLE: AfriCANs: should:
    ALL, together:-
    "Work towards: peace and "Condemn: all act's, of violence/oppression"".
    -M.K.S. Africa, can!!

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