Ugandan Billionaire Changing Africa's Future: Most Impactful Video Ever! [REACTION] @WODEMAYA

Ugandan Billionaire Changing Africa's Future: Most Impactful Video Ever! [REACTION] @WODEMAYA

​ @WODEMAYA Shows Introduces us to a Ugandan Billionaire who wants to change Africa’s future…


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  1. I real real like that guy.

  2. How is he changing the world
    When he is stealing land belonging to poor Ugandan
    Is that changing the world
    Black people you have a funny way of changing Africa
    Stealing from the poor you are not changing the world , you are causing problems

  3. Black people
    Stop praise things you don’t understand
    In a Uganda there is land grabbing
    Where does he get the money
    We see the building but we haven’t see how he make the money and some of the buildings are empty
    Some people say he is working for Ugandan dictator and his son
    One day the truth will come out
    These rich people in African are depriving other people from achieving
    Why can’t he build a school ?
    Most of his buildings are empty!
    We may be poor but we are not stupid
    A lot of younger Ugandan are working but they earn a dollar a day when are they going to be rich.
    Do reasech before making comment
    A lot of poor people are thrown out of their land by Ugandan army, they land is taken by the government.
    Good for him if he is rich one day the truth will come out
    Good luck to him

  4. Nice reaction, I can watch the video better with your reactions sir👍👍

  5. Jay one day take a trip to Africa and particularly my home country Uganda, the experience will be lifetime. Africa is the future!

  6. The only man who built his house @ 25yrs in Uganda and his money was from his real sweat 😓 that's Bobi Wine 🍷 the rest are questionable in this 40yrs rule, before everyone in Uganda was rich Kampala wasn't over clouded like it is, an ordinary person could own a Mercedes Benz before, which is impossible today that money belongs to the ruling family 👪 his a proxy

  7. Jay you are AFRICAN come back home invest and live life like royalty watch another video from Wode about an African American that joined a Ugandan lady to start farming for your inspiration ♥️

  8. Thanks for appreciating our man bro🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  9. He built a white house in Uganda that resembles the one in the USA, but you omitted that detail.

  10. Yes, anything is possible here in Uganda

  11. Hajji Hamis kiggundu ❤❤

  12. Uganda 👍🙏🤲🤲🤲🤲

  13. I love the way you pronounce my country Uganda very well

  14. He believes in himself

  15. I suggested on this video that Ham should start his own TV Station and or YouTube Channel. I have even bought one of those books he talked about in the Wode Maya interview. I can listen to this man talk the whole day. His wisdom is for everyone beyond color or geographical location. TED TALK , please get these men on.

  16. Oh my God jay was just about to suggest this vid🙏

  17. U skipped the white house. He built a white house in uganda just like da one in U.S.A

  18. ❤❤🇺🇬🇺🇬

  19. We need to support our own.

  20. I heard all fact in this video.

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