U.S Representative Gregory Meeks Admits Relationship With Africa Is Critical To The United States

U.S Representative Gregory Meeks Admits Relationship With Africa Is Critical To The United States

Wongel Zelalem reports on United States representative Gregory Weldon Meeks saying relationship with Africa is critical to beat China and Russia.


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  2. Africa needs to look elsewhere for foreign relationship

  3. They come as master to slave. Adult to child. Never an equal

  4. Deeds are more important than words. I wouldnt trust the Americans,they always go back on their promises and say, "oh this is a new presidents policy and we dont have to follow the previous administration policy.

  5. So US comes back to Africa because China is in Africa? What a hypocrisy.

  6. Then what African shouldn't be no part of the UN unnecessary. And hear the fool he call to talk about Russian Ukraine war that's not we black people business

  7. Be careful Africa don’t believe anything they say, it’s the resources they care about and not the people. Look at all the Black countries around the world and research who’s is interfering in those countries, who puts the dictators in power and who protects them, who kills the presidents who are for the people are the questions you should ask and check out the records.

  8. It's time for United States to pass the mantle

  9. Actions speak louder then words, i have a strong suspicion the US will try and push whatever agenda they have when they get the chance… wolves in sheeps clothing.. never trust them

  10. Why won't Africa push itself to purchase advanced arms/weaponry to defend its resources. Push to advance their knowledge and ability to capitalize on it's vast natural resources, like Middle Eastern countries did with oil. The only partnerships Africans should be seeking is with those willing to sell them arms and those who will help them advance their knowledge of production, manufacturing and a willingness to engage in business ventures with them. Stop taking loans and selling access to resources, that's very backwards and self destructive.

  11. US will never understand that Africa and black people are of value until Africans and the world rejects them and their wrong attitudes completely. They have primitive fixed mind against us to the extend that they don't t think at any one moment we will be of value to them/ the world. They installed leaders and protected these leaders that kept on punishing us as america keeps milking our resources, now we keep suffering endlessly. Lies has timeframe, believe it or not.

  12. As an African Diasporian, I want to say this to our brothers and sisters on the African continent. The flow of concern and good will should flow in both directions. African continentals should be looking at African Diasporians as a market for the sale of goods. African Diasporians should be looking at African continentals as people to invest in. African continentals should using their economic resources to protect the rights of their market, African Disasporians.

  13. America only mission is to exploit just like they do the black vote. Prepare for the underhand and the backhand like thieves in the night 3:29

  14. Of course the US is losing! They strong Africa, don't let the US use you when its convenient!

  15. They don't care! It's just to get what they want…
    Racists will burn everyone/everything to the ground to get what they want.

  16. Soon, the hunter is becoming the hunted by his very usual prey. Let Africa have the last laugh as she calls the shots. Not that easy though. Tough decisions have to be made. No more going to bed with hyenas.

  17. Black's are waking ⏰️ up and let's not forget what usa and demonic europeanons did to our beautiful brothers and sisters we are still stuck and kidnapped in this demonic country they call 📞 the usa we must leave and go back home to Africa

  18. I live here in Washington state and I can tell you the US don’t give 2 craps about the African people. Neither does china nor Russia’s friend. Africa must take its future into her own hands. No relying on the US, China or any other foreign country. Africa is the one nation that’s has everything in country to survive and thrive without outside help. Yet they still can’t unite. What will it take?

  19. Until the U.S. does right by African Americans and give us our reparations…which is owed.. EVERYTHING THEY DO WILL FAIL!!!! THEY HAVE BEEN WARNED 🔥🔥🔥

  20. It is over ..we need to move on ..Any traitor in Africa.. The white lovers must be dealt with ..

  21. 1:45 He thinks china has more consulates than US, so US need to put more consulates in Africa. What he is not telling his constituency is China build roads, hospitals, administrative buildings, airports, ports, trains, and general infrastructure. US building a consulate is not going to do anything to help Africa.

  22. 1:05 You saw what he just did? If you are not careful you will miss it. Let me explain what he just did. He said he call African diplomats and ask for help with Ukraine vote against Russia, and the African diplomats said "now you calling us, we ask for assistance and US never responded". What he just did was remove himself from RESPONSIBILITY as if he is not a member of the house of representative. He is the leadership, if he wanted to help Africa he would hold up every vote until he gets the votes needed to help Africa. But he try to pretend that he has no power to actually do something to help Africans.

  23. This dude forget to look in the mirror when he got up this morning? What is he smoking? Most of the votes US want from African is to CONTINUE TO COLONIZE AFRICA with those votes. He look just like the Africans who he is lamenting over not giving enough votes to the colonizer.

  24. Africa has no friends don't get it twisted

  25. This guy is a clown. You invade Iraq, Libya, Syria, lately Sudan, Venezuela, Grenada, DRC of the Congo with Belgium, Somalia, etc. the list goes on an on.

    Africa, please chase them out and by the way, tell them to take their weapons of mass destruction with them.

  26. Africa tell them all to go to hell in a water basket.
    Hell no they are too tricky, using black voices to do their dirty work.
    Didn't I say to watch them closely. They have done it before many times. Trust not the oppressors. Believe them not.

  27. I just wish the Black caucus foundation would go it alone and create its own strong relationship with African, Caribbean and Pacific island Nations. The caucus was formed to represent African Americans. This is a very important relationship for African Americans now and in the future.

  28. The problem is they believe they can continue the same game theyed played since 1884, Berlin conference

  29. Let the White Supremacist go help Ukraine. You do not need Black people. U.S. are scammers, never trust them.

  30. Who agrees (Any Country – Africa) Summit should henceforth be convened at the African Union HQ in Ethiopia.

  31. Stop shoving the gender cult down people's throats if you want a good relationship with Africa. In Sub-Saharan Africa a large percentage of children suffer from malnourishment. Do you understand how offensive it is for them to hear a woke San Francisco kid say how they feel oppressed and violated because someone didn't use them/they pronouns? No, "misgendering" is not genocide, read about atrocities in the DRC or the civil war in South Sudan. Your "marginalized" gender activists adored by the mainstream media, the CIA, the military, wealthy NGOs and think tanks are the most privileged people in the world. Their "problems" are laughable when compared to the plight of poor people in Africa.

  32. Great for standing up Africa! Let's hope they continue to disable the nations that only benefit off of them, and not allow any more bs from them. Let them sink along with the other countries that have done nothing in Africa's best interest. Also, hope they rid of the false leaders serving the puppeteers within Africa too. Perhaps, a positive outlook is possible❤

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