TURNING POINT (New Movie) Onyii Alex, Ben Touitou, Sochima Ezeoke 2023 Nigerian Nollywood Movie

TURNING POINT (New Movie) Onyii Alex, Ben Touitou, Sochima Ezeoke 2023 Nigerian Nollywood Movie

TURNING POINT (New Movie) Onyii Alex, Ben Touitou, Sochima Ezeoke 2023 Nigerian Nollywood…


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  1. I’m here for my crush Ben touitou

  2. This ur manager act pass both of u

  3. Aunty na you want collect the kiss 😂😂😂 madam manager 😅😅😅😅

  4. Totally outstanding ❤❤❤❤

  5. I'm here for onyii and ben❤❤😂

  6. Ben please🙏🏽 get a haircut

  7. Ben touitou completes the movies

  8. Her managers face at the end😂😂

  9. I don't like it when Ben leaves his hair and face like this, i really love it when he barbar his hair and shave his face ❤❤❤❤ that really makes him look more handsome and fresh

  10. Ben should get hair cut….makin him look like an old man

  11. Ben is really gentleman and humble guy. He and Onyi are very good together, but Onyi manager is very nice and funny haha 😆😅😂❤

  12. This is a Light up my Life Romance Movie.
    How one's initial intentions can be molded into true love!!

  13. Sensational actor & actress ,Ben & Onyii❤❤

  14. Fans of Sochima gather here.
    She is indeed an amazing actor and i love to watch her movies.

  15. Onyi Alex all the way…What!!!!!! Is her assent and romance for me❤❤

  16. Well not so sweet but i guess it interesting 🧐

  17. I'm here for my favourite actor Ben Touitou .I love to watch his movies

  18. I love the movie can we get a next part plz

  19. This onyi Alex is a good actress indeed superb even more than Montana

  20. This is base on true story believe me 😅😅

  21. She played Kyle she thought was all that until she needed a dream roll KARMA got a way of teaching us some lessons. After spending sometime with him she found out he is a gentleman show her some respect,attention,& she started having feelings for him. Never judge 👩‍⚖️ anyone b/c you never know where the tree 🌲 will fall. Great Chemistry 🧪 she always looks mature than her leading men. Gorgeous woman. Nice Ending.Amen 🙏❤️⭐️ Jen good Manager/ Friend.09/06/23

  22. Here for my Mama, Sochima Ezeoke. Her acting gives me so much joy.🔥🔥

  23. Sochima Ezeoke🗣️🗣️🗣️🌺🌺

  24. Sochima is such an amazing actress ❤❤Go girl💃💃💕

  25. Ben Is just a good actor ❤❤ tuoitou

  26. Onyi ❤❤❤ I too love her Sha

  27. Very good movie ,Alex and Ben thanks to you both ,it was perfect..love you Alex. Excellent movie

  28. Did anyone else think the friend is wierd. Not only did she stay whilst they were talking she even moved closer to view the kiss then started fake clearing her throat. 😂

  29. Sochima Ezeoke is very very fantastic actress I love her movies ❤. Keep it up Sochi

  30. Sochima Ezeoke you are an awesome actress. You indeed talented ❤❤

  31. I'm always looking forward to Sochima Ezeoke's movies. The only reason I watch YouTube movies. Please don't ever leave our screen star girl!!!

  32. Why is onyi Alex voice echoing

  33. You guys, noo way….kitoko makasi good job❤

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