Tunisia's President Rejects IMF Loan Over Terms That Would Oppress Citizens & Cause Chaos

Tunisia's President Rejects IMF Loan Over Terms That Would Oppress Citizens & Cause Chaos

@ondirooganga reports on Tunisia rejecting a predatory loan from the IMF.


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  2. This is such gorgeously wonderful music that I'm listening to, a certain scent that excites me.
    GROW IT !!!!


  4. The International MF
    The International MF
    The International MF

  5. The European 🌎 is forever TREACHEROUS The European 🌎 is forever TREACHEROUS The European 🌎 is forever TREACHEROUS

  6. Is Tunisia Africa now, have they not moved to Europe after their president said that the presence of melanated Africans is bad for his country? I thought they already joined NATO and EU!

  7. Yall gone be speaking Chinese in 50 years. The slow take over

  8. Way to go for all countries with punishing IMF loan terms. Don't forget the World Bank and the ADB. They are all cahoots in the same game of continuing impoverishment of borrowers.

  9. I think most of our folks are wondering why are we being showed anything about this guy … When he not too long ago spoke ill about our deeply melinated Family

  10. This guy mistreats black Africans but Arabs expect us to support Palestine.

  11. Well said and well done .

    B1 . Amin and Shalom .

  12. People are starting to stand up. Everybody is tired of these folks

  13. The west does not want to help Africa, they just want to repress China.

  14. That president looks like an albino black man.

  15. Stop dealing with white ppl and Asians y’all don’t need no one we are good

  16. The International Bank of Africa

  17. Are Tunisians Africans ???😢

  18. Loan is risk. The rate is based on risk assessment, that is, your ability to repay. It is not a benevolent society.
    America have a great ability to repay, so they have leverage to get more favorable rates.

    They are the largest economy.

  19. This is the same man that said tunisia is not for Africans.

  20. I see he rejected his tooth brush too. What he needs to do is shut his mouth and fix his teeth

  21. Isn't he the same Goblin who subjugated Black Africans??? Feeeek him!!! and His Hook Nose people!!!! and Feeekkk North Africa as a Whole. We shouldn't care what TF happens to Tunisia! I'm Worried about Black people Below Africa.

  22. If only our stupid leaders of Jamaica🇯🇲 would take a lesson from these people and stop being exploited by these colonizers!
    Am a Jamaican who's not interested western table scraps, I want to sit around the table with dignity!
    Love from Jamaica 🇯🇲 ❤ 💕

  23. ….i can feel the healing 👍🏾👌🏾💯

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