Trying Food Found in Kerala, India 🇮🇳

Trying Food Found in Kerala, India 🇮🇳

After being in India for a month and travelling from Delhi to Kerala, this is our last video in…


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  1. My wall art works ovr there. 😌❤️

  2. You must try Kerala kallu shap food anyway🤤

  3. Mate! in India we don't food with left hand only use right. left hand is got an another purpose. hahaha

  4. The word Danyavad is not use in kerala😂

  5. south india is authentic India! North india is shit

  6. Porotta&beef national food of kerala❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Kerala is hands down the best state in India. You may not have ultra big cities and metropolitan culture but everyone is educated and everyone is able to live well. Unlike other states where poverty is so so rampant.

  8. 😂 same happened before whn Portugal and British came to India
    Sorry dears for the disrespect from special takiing caring by manager 😅and the others pays the same money don't deserve special 😊
    Skin color with speaking English makes a huge thing

    bcoz of the colour they got special place… is in the bloood welcome to India…..

  9. I will marked this to visit, thanks for sharing the experience of your journey, Bloodymoon you got a new subscriber❤❤

  10. The current ruling party of India is called BJP backed by RSS is propagating lots of unreal things against Kerala and Tamilnadu as well. due to the highest education and relegious harmony in these states, those political parties couldn't win even a seat in both states.

  11. Yeah beef dry fry is cow meet, extremily delicious dish. We have lot of beef dishes pls try all and enjoy….

  12. Today i Subscribed your channel from Kerala

  13. Come to tamil nadu u will have more fun

  14. I always wanted to go to "AL SAJ". They have octopus fry and wanted to try that for the longest time

  15. You could lose yourself in her beauty… no other place could do, believe me. Currently im in Japan, but as a malayalee I long to come back there. Cant live without those crazy tasty foodstuffs ❤

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