TRUTH Revealed! What Black Men REALLY Think About Dating in 2024

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  1. All I hear are the adjustments that "Men" have to make due to a Woman's "Emotional" state of "Mind"! When couples don't have a general "Respect" for one another and there is no open communication as this becomes a recipe for "Disaster" especially, when a "Friendship" wasn't developed "First"!

  2. The man in the middle is by all means married. He has a child with the woman and they live together. A covenant under God is a different thing though. So he might be thinking they want to get there. 💯🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. Good conversation. Unfortunately, I couldn't take much from it because I've never been married and my children are grown. I learned very little about the topic but can appreciate that the panel met us where they are in their lives. Thanks for sharing!! 💚

  4. Newcomer to the podcast but it was definitely a great & much needed conversation. However let's normalize not only speaking on single mothers & how they navigate with new men coming into their lives but also single fathers. Yes I know its spoken about mainly because the kids live with the mom majority of the time however even if the kids don't live with the other parent when you think about someone stepping into your life your kids should play a part in thats decision because that new person will (or should) be apart of your kids live. Do men not spend time with their kids? Do the kids never go to the man house? I know for sure there are women out here that want nothing to do with a man's kid, only the man & I'll NEVER send my kids to an environment like that. Not only are baby dads drama for a new man but there are baby moms who make life a living hell because he has moved on. So let's normalize that conversation going both ways. Great work though, I'll definitely be watching more.


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