Trekking The Mountains Of MOROCCO – A Beautiful Hike During The PANDEMIC!!

When we were able to get out and explore more in MOROCCO during the pandemic, we set off on a beautiful hike into the mountains near Tetouan.

We heard about a natural mountain spring in the mountains just outside of Tetouan, so we decided to do a day hike to find it!

There is a small village on the outskirts of Tetouan that has a natural…



  1. Although I grew up in the same province, and have been to Tetouan numerous times, it has never occurred to me to hit the trails and check out the picturesque view from atop the surrounding mountains. Next time we go to Tet, we will definitely do the hike. Thank you for inspiring us. Cheers! Moha

  2. Wow! It's kind of exercise. Now you're doing also steps lol. No seriously, it's amazing and I like your plans in different places not just staying in the city. Good job👍🥰🥰
    By the way that mountain "Jbel Dersa" is very famous for Tetwanis people. Thank you very much for showing us this mountain because my grandmother from my mom side used to tell me too many stories about this mountain that I have never seen before but with your video, I have an idea how it looks like.
    My next trip to Tetwan, I will definitely go visit it and thanks again👍🥰🙏🙏

  3. Hello this time I like this beautiful experience in the montains withe the tree and fresh water and amazing view beck and Ryan thank you for all vidéo about Morocco but I think you forget visit other place in the south Morocco name this place is desert de dakhla with the best beach in the world if you want do reaction for this place finally I hope in my heart next time visite Morocco I be there to invite you inchalah god bless you and all the world.

  4. Becky*"this is how far we came so far🙂… thhhiiiss… iisss… what we have to go😕"* ha-ha 😂, and as Obama said, yes we can, and you did it🙂👏👏👏… since you guys are in Tetoine there are too many beaches around that city… and since you guys like hiking in the mountains you can go to Marrakech, the are too many place to go,, for example Ourika- Toubkal its kind of long drive from Marakech, but I am sure you will like it, its internationale place, tourist from all the world visiting it..


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