TRAVEL VLOG : My first travel vlog | Ouidah, Benin republic | Lake house #firsttravelvlog

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TRAVEL VLOG : My first travel vlog | Ouidah, Benin republic | Lake house #firsttravelvlog

Hey guys,
Welcome to my first travel vlog! Join me as I explore the enchanting town of Ouidah, located in the beautiful country of Benin Republic. In this episode, I take you on a mesmerizing journey through the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage of Ouidah.

As I wander through the streets, you’ll get a glimpse of the…



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  1. Hi besties,
    Thanks for watching; please do not forget to subscribe, comment and like. Feel free to ask questions and I will definitely respond❤️

  2. Please is it possible to get your driver's contact cos i am planning a trip with a few of my friends but getting a good driver in this lagos seems to be a big problem

  3. Hi , hope you are doing fine,thank you for taking us around this ressort center in Ouidah,i must confess i m from Bénin but i don't even know this area and a there are a lot of touristes sites in Bénin that you could visit next if you visit another time in Bénin,you vlog was so beautiful and you too together with your Friends, God bless you and stay blessed Always, Long Live Africa 👍😘 merci beaucoup,go learn a little of french for you guys to communicate with the indegings of the country you will it more interesting