TRAVEL VLOG: A week in Mozambique | Sive Mbono

TRAVEL VLOG: A week in Mozambique | Sive Mbono

Hey besties!

Your girl said she’d add some travel content and here we are! Lelethu and I…


  1. hey girl , what's the name of the place you stayed in ?

  2. This is nice but are there at least more urban areas in Mozambique? Excuse my ignorance 🙈

  3. just followed on instagram

  4. heeeeee kote Boyfriend didn't cheat on her.He bought her shares. YAAASSS ndithi Energy

  5. I am ur fan…can i jave ur Instagram id

  6. I subscribed already I miss dat place

  7. Loved the vlog. What town was this in?

  8. One of my most favorite countries and return there as often as possible and fall in love with it over and over again 😍 Great content 🍾🎉 #NewSubbie 😊

  9. Ponta de Ouro. "ouro" means gold

  10. Where did you buy the pink shades when you were drinking the best beer lol…

  11. I love your taste in music 👌🏾

  12. We LOOOVE Mozambique! Glad you girls had fun 🙂

  13. you look like Bianca Carmicheal

  14. New subbie🥰🔥 I enjoyed this so much

  15. New subbie… I loved this video. The fact that you guys made friends and drank at a random spot is definitely something endinoyenza nechomi zam

  16. "but it was fun, people were vomitting" I- now hold on

  17. yoh lmfao Sive driving the bike reminded me of that JayZ jet ski meme 😂😂😂😂

  18. Your laugh 🤣🤣😂😂its so thick

  19. I love you first time watching ur videos. Already subscribed 😁😘😘

  20. Xa uzijonge espilini uqhiba uthi akumnandi apha😍😄😄😂

  21. Mozambique is beautiful hayibo.

    Lovely vlog Sive!

  22. Hi Sive, what is the name of the place you guys were staying at, I'm planning a trip to go to Moz…?

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