Toyota's 7 Next-Gen Electric Cars and Flying Car on sale in 2022-24

Toyota's 7 Next-Gen Electric Cars and Flying Car on sale in 2022-24

Representing New Electric Cars from Toyota that will be made to meet the needs of most demanding…


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  1. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 KJV, Jesus Christ is the only way………

  2. Change the wheel to yoke is absolute suicide. I would never drive a yoke wheel its not ideal.

  3. What happen with the front, It seem like the designer has a composition of make Front most Ugly…

  4. Government forced changes

  5. Question is how long till they can scale to the production of Tesla and actually produce enough cars.

  6. Unfortunately gov’t incentive is only for rich people like the Democrat politicians.

  7. If Tesla gets hit hard by competition their prices will drop.

  8. Toyota is to late to the party.

  9. Many, many years from now, it might be possible to buy one of these electric cars from Toyota. Certainly not now, not for years in fact. A mass produced full electic, affordable car from Toyota has been the great tease for the past 10 years. I defy anybody to prove me wrong. These things are a fantasy

  10. Toyota has stated that a million electric vehicles will be produced by 2030. They also have more experience with electric vehicles than almost any other manufacturer, including Tesla. As a result, I anticipate that their products will improve with time.

  11. A car battery for electric car weighs about 500 kg, the volume is the size of a suitcase. It contains 12 kg of lithium, 30 kg of nickel, 20 kg of manganese, 15 kg of cobalt, 100 kg of copper, 200 kg of aluminium (production is highly electrically closed), steel and plastic. There are 6,831 lithium cells inside.
    You should be concerned that all of these toxic components come from mining. To make a car battery, you have to process 10 tons of salt to make lithium, 15 tons of ore for cobalt, 2 tons of ore to make nickel, and 12 tons of copper ore. In total, 200 tons of soil are ejected for one battery.
    Disease and child labor are behind 68% of the world's cobalt and a significant portion of a battery comes from the Congo. Their mines have no pollution control and employ children who die with this toxic material. Should we count all these sick children as part of the cost of an electric car?


  12. In MY electric car, I want an OPENING sunroof that can completely block the sun if I wish. I want a “frunk.” I want tail lamps that are high (in your face) and bright with amber turn signals in the rear and on side mirrors, for clarity and safety. I want the brake lamps to come on

  13. Hmm cost for the Lexus… Hmm
    90k base model and then 20k Mark up options… lol
    Only Toyota knows

  14. I'll be more impressed when charging stations are in the poorest neighborhoods in the bronx. I'll be impressed when e.v cars go used for $2,000. Until then …..yeah

  15. Electric cars would be much more appealing if they could recharge themselves while driving.
    I fail to understand why this isn't being integrated into the mechanics of the EV cars with modern generator technology…🤔
    Also where exactly do we save on emissions when it actually produces more emissions in the manufacturing of these vehicles?..🤔

  16. Totota service is the worst among its competitors!! I will never own or lease a Toyota, again, because maintenance service is so bad. 😣

  17. Love the new car, 🤔😆 nice design also, ❇️❇️

  18. With the price of rent, I need to be able to live inside of this for that price.

  19. You guys think your smart the only smart people are the ones making money off you people and all the technology doesn't come from the car manufacturing open your eyes freelance engineers sell their ideas

  20. low roof no good for tall drivers but ok for hobbits

  21. If it can give 300 Mike's in a 10 minute charge then sign me up. I want one. I can't wait until the day where I no longer stop at a gas station.

  22. Leider ist die verarbeitung bei toyota modell rav4 phev ganz schlecht. Ich habe ganz große probleme mit meinem neuwagen rav4 phev.

  23. But it’s Toyota tho ewo

  24. Battery technology has jumped 20 years.

  25. I think that I would prefer a traditional steering wheel than a yoke style.

  26. Let's go Toyota! We need more electric competitors- it keeps everyone else sharp!

  27. I don't want to die for flying cars. I will drive normal cars 😂.

  28. How is Tesla company more richer than Toyota
    I don't get it

  29. It looks like Toyota will be competing hard with Tesla on EV market this upcoming years. Unlike other tech products, I personally looking for reliability the most important factor because failure of the car can be lethal and longevity of the battery life. It would be interesting to see which company offer more reliability and longevity of the EV car. :)

  30. Nice one idol. Thanks for sharing this update video idol. Done coloring your home. Shoutout! #MOVEONTV

  31. Nice one idol. Thanks for sharing this update video idol. Done coloring your home. Shoutout! #MOVEONTV

  32. We ask you to stop cooperating with the aggressor country. You finance the russian army. Show your position, give up russian market presence

  33. Flying cars lol. People are so fucking dumb. Give up on this ridiculous fantasy! lol.

  34. They are all prototypes.

  35. Green hydrogen is manufactured using water.

    How can a fuel made from rain water, salt sea water, (both via a desalinisation unit) be more expensive than oil? It simply isn’t possible for such a fuel to be so costly. There is quite obviously something wrong with the management set up.

    Only bad management add such unnecessary dysfunction and costs to a network.

    To intentionally make networks dysfunctional ultimately leads to crimes against humanity.

  36. Whem it comes to BEV, Toyota is far behind Tesla, VW, and Hyundai. I’m not talking about Hybrid. BEV. 0-60 mph 7.7sec is worse than 2018 EVs

  37. Yike hope the price everyone can afford 😅

  38. '
    oh no…
    hate this vehicle and lousy video…
    stop watch at 015…
    not good / lousy computer edit video

  39. It doesn't have enough distance, I would buy 1

  40. Flying car still a science friction , look at the number of helicopters and small planes crash every years all over the world and the number of tourist also die. Who want to own flying car ? even if they give me for free , i dont want to take it.

  41. Worth the money!! 👌👌😎😎 Lexus IS stepping up in EV technology!

  42. Why took so long to build those cars? Just make them and put them to the market now! Stop making your current RAV4 & Camry etc… they are wasting time for you Toyota… but not sure anyone will buy ur new cars yet, as there are so many better option in the future

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