Toyota's 7 ALL NEW Electric Cars SHOCK The Entire Car Industry!

Toyota's 7 ALL NEW Electric Cars SHOCK The Entire Car Industry!

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  1. Hyped for it all. Bring it Toyota!👍

  2. Toyota late to the party prompting them to partner with BYD and Subaru

  3. Whatever Toyota has beyond its cufflinks, maybe watch this space.

  4. Nice plans. Get back to us when any of these are being manufactured at scale and with a profit margin.

  5. After BMW, Toyota is launching their jokes about EVs… They are not producing one (are asking BYD to produce a Toyota EV for them) but are launching…jokes and clickbaits…

  6. gkad cuvering ektrç rav 4 best iné gm ev 1

  7. What if they make an EV with Solar panel roof to recharge battery to last longer on roads?

  8. Honest question…. why would BYD in China…. the makers of Toyota rebaged EV cars want to dedicate time, energy and resources to producing Toyota cars when it already has massive demand for its excellent EV's? And assuming Toyota pays big dollars for BYD rebadge cars as Toyota, what margins will be left for Toyota? The only way forward would be for Toyota to buy BYD, if they want to survive. Otherwise they won't likely have supply to meet demande worldwide.

  9. I'm concerned about the steering being completely disconnected but other than that it all looks pretty cool

  10. They've come out running…

  11. Sorry, I hate Tesla's mono screen. I want tactile buttons and switches. There is no reason to have the vent controls in the head unit when you can have them on the freaking vent. Pay your engineer to do their job and don't waste money on the servos needed to do what two fingers can. Think HOTAS, think making adjustments without looking away from road while driving, for that you need touch and muscle memory.

  12. I’ll consider buying an electric car once the prices match ICE equivalent, there are just as many charging stations as gas stations, and charging the car takes the same amount of time as putting gas.

  13. <Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $30,000 returns from my $8,000 investment every 12days

  14. Too little, far, far too late. 2.5 million of their 9.5 million annual vehicle production – in 8 years? Have they been sniffing fumes? If they genuinely don’t aim for complete fleet transition within 3 to 4 years, they will be obliterated by the Tesla, and various Chinese and Indian companies. These targets are not aspirational; they are a sulking acknowledgement that they have been completely wrong for the last decade.

  15. Only a pity that they look…. well, like that.

  16. A video for toyota lovers….. the bz4x have not longer range than the ionic 5… and it take 3 times longer to charge…. i think that car should have come in early 2021 at least

  17. I think all eletric cars are not as good as hybrids like the Prius. You never have to plug in to charge, (where does that eletriticity come from anyway?), and there are no distance limlts, and only needs VERY little gas! Plus it handles very well, has quick acceleration, great braking, and is very quiet. I would always choose it over any total electric car.

  18. Toyota has the talent, the brain power to incorporate into the wheel or wheels of their EVs a coil that would serve to harvest the kinetic energy from the rotation of the wheel or wheels that would create the electrical energy to continuously charge the battery array or the super-capacitor array or a hybrid of the two and I for one hope they accept this idea challenge and bring it to fruition. We're talking about an EV with unlimited range that never needs to be plugged in, as in the end of pollution. This same principle could be applied to electric airplanes with the coil being in the cone in front of the propeller and or incorporated into the propeller itself.

  19. Nice vid 👌🏾🙏🏾

  20. Wow. Tesla has two million EVs on the road and is the premier car in California and it has awoken the giants in the industry to do better. Bravo. Will anyone come out with a $25K EV that has decent range?????

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