Top Upcoming Airdrops for Free Crypto! (Do This NOW)

Top Upcoming Airdrops for Free Crypto! (Do This NOW)

Airdrops are some of the best ways to get FREE MONEY in crypto. Well in this video we’re going…


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  1. Which Airdrops are you looking forward to? Did we miss any big ones on your radar?? Let us know below!

  2. Experience true decentralization with Symbiosis. Take charge of your assets, no compromise. Trade securely and transparently.

  3. Metamask $mask airdrop will never come lol.

  4. Hello Coinsider, I´m looking forward to FORE Protocol on anyone’s radar? $FORE token is live on exchanges on June 30th, with mainnet to follow for their p2p predictions platform with full utility and hyper deflationary tokenomics. 

    Thought I’d share!. Pache

  5. Need to invest in Crypto Ai as it can transform man to woman on videos


  6. Am I the only one who thinks the UK accent sounds somewhat overdone? It doesn't strike me as natural. I've always preferred authenticity.

  7. I took part in the airdrop for XRP a couple of years ago and lost half my money after SEC classed it as a security, be careful.

  8. My biggest concern is connecting my MetaMask wallet to a website that I haven't connected to before! How do I know it is safe ??

  9. Can u please do subs when the girl is talking. Love this channel but getting harder and harder to keep watching the videos when she is presenting. Hard to understand and im asian myself.

  10. F*** this Shitcoin scams, Just Bitcoin

  11. She tried though, it's not easy

  12. Na girl don dey do the show?🤣

  13. Extremely annoying to watch and hear…

  14. Foxify is going to be a great challenger in there !

  15. I need subtitles, I can't understand her accent

  16. Who has the time to jump through all these hoops in hopes for some most likely useless tokens?

  17. Okay great. Can you let us know how you found them ?

  18. I'm sorry, but I'm struggling to understand you due to unclear way you talk

  19. Asian guy required back again 😂

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