Top Coolest Animal Robots | PRO Robots

Top Coolest Animal Robots | PRO Robots

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  1. PRO ROBOTS monthly High Tech News ARE
    the most enthralling-packed Vid-Mags ~
    upon TERRA.
    You Folks are 10/11 (&then+SUM) !
    TYSVM for your WORX.
    Really… What's in here not 2 LUV ?
    Yes, there is a lot to Digest.

  2. Just a small request.
    Can you please have your speaker review the proper way to say "KIN-eh-mah-tic"…. It is not KINE-mah-tic. Does not rhyme with PINE tree… More like PIN cushion.
    Him saying it wrong is very grating, and makes me think you are using a broken speech to voice program.

  3. #🎓🔬🎓🔬📡🔬🎓🔬🎓💲📤📙👑📓📘📙💴💵📅💼📁📤

  4. It's too bad the designers are so determined to make them all look modern. How much more enjoyable they would be if they were naturalistic.

  5. From the beginning the story starts with a big lie.

  6. How could you miss the OS catrobot?

  7. So this is how Skynet knew how to make aquabots..

  8. I think this channel shows our future👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. I feel as if these would explode in the toy industry, most are flying. The drones today are nothing like these. I feel most of these as kits, with open source programing would throw the industry into the future.

  10. Kamikaze birds incoming or insect spy. The future is scary.

  11. Fiber optics is actually something that is really interesting to me. Because insects and humans responsd to light and chemical reactions. Light is also frequency based in congruence with sound. Something to think about. Small circuits are interesting to me not like a computer but analog to digital like the robots. I feel like we can definitely benefit from something like this at a civilian level eventually. But this sort of thing needs to really be regulated. Flying objects that don't have engines are eye opening to me right now. 😉

  12. This vid gives off some weird vibes like why at 3:13 does it say on the view bar "Festo's octopus gripper is not a real robot". also the begging for us to share this is rather creepy

  13. Why can't we mimic humans.Its plausible !
    O we can't find muscles.
    Carbon hydraulic tubing
    Also experience contracts two ways. Fluid and electricity.even dark Fluid.and to think we're just getting started.for Real.Man will create Life.
    And So will Robots.AI.even synthetic life. Grandma everybody's living the same dream.over and over. shoot me.keep up the great work that's why a Robot has Two hearts
    Or pumps.youll see.

  14. I hope if you make a book which tells us about that how robots are made, what are robots and etc. I mean book should tell about robots from basic to advance and also about engineering.

  15. Excellent video, i want a video from old outstanding robots who changed humanity.

  16. I want that scorpion 🦂

  17. Contains of your video are very very very very very old. I looked them for several years ago.

  18. Man really awesome content❤️

  19. I love robots and I love this channel

  20. Nice Festo advertisement.

  21. Do you know any good robotics tutors or classes? I'm a ex mma fighter really interested in learning robotics and drones! I love your channel and videos! I wonder what is next for silas adencunnle and reach robotics.

  22. Your channel is nice thought I Always share it

  23. The Japanese are going to love the tentacle robot in every sense of the word

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