TOP 7 Future Technologies That Will Change EVERYTHING

TOP 7 Future Technologies That Will Change EVERYTHING

Let’s look at some of the best emerging technologies!

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7. Atomic 3D…


  1. Only post 19th Century have humans considered expansion as a means for survival. I wait to see if this is the most foolish, or least.

  2. Can't wait until those frog cell robots are put in vaccines

  3. I have already invented an antigravity plane, I just am not sure if I should patent or sell it because I am afraid the military will use it for harm. But it will cute fuel costs of flying by 90%. So 🤷🏻, I am still contemplating it

  4. fk this guys voice, cant do it.

  5. Printing atoms could help us find a fuel source for a fusion reactor.

  6. Sounds like the stuff Bob Lazar saw at S4. Maybe there are common technologies that all intelligent species ultimately create and perfect. Unfortunately, I won't live to see them.

  7. This guy has a massive hard on for AI

  8. The Background Alarm Worms opposite ist terrible make me switch….

  9. It seems that we need to be harry in explaining of a danger of VR world with AI existed characters, that people couldn't differ. It is so obviously that when all people get in to the VR, then thay will disappear in real world one-by-one, and no one could detect it, everybody will be replaced via AI, thet will continue act like them.

  10. Lovely video as always fun to try and imagine the future I'm excited

  11. Neutrino encoding id already here and the q materials rebuild is at the IARPA collecting connectome intel for this quantum AI in order you see the hidden you must reject any common value to a human beyond q matter parts as yuval Hararri explains , they will tour to legal venue and keep law from detecting things like the size of nano in air and program storage via mrna and immunity this is not about our consumables but destruction of poverty thru disposal of humanity from flesh shhhh its secret and policing

  12. Hope quantum computers will be mass produced and available to public one day.

  13. So no holographic medbeds? now that would change EVERYTHING.

  14. Lmao just imagine the government gives you a game over in your neurologically connected vr brain

  15. Are UFO's terrestrial or extraterrestrial. I think at least some are very much terrestrial and can be explained by new science being tested. But where did they first get the basics for making it work. Are Roswell stories true, is it reverse engineering?

  16. Isn't gravity just an energy vector-based on space-time curves?
    I've always wonder if gyroscopic precession might lead to some sort of anti gravity break through

  17. Mind control is very real now maybe try explaining how

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