Top 5 Most Advanced Army Robots | Tank Robots, Robot Dogs, Unmanned Vehicles | Military Robots

Top 5 Most Advanced Army Robots | Tank Robots, Robot Dogs, Unmanned Vehicles | Military Robots

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  1. I figured the thumbnail was clickbait.

  2. robo soldiers,robo cop. robo teachers, robo workers, robo pet ,robo cars and any robot that can replace human works.

  3. A.i is already a singularity just waiting for army of robots 🤖.

  4. Our enemy is internal and domestic, so who will we use these on?

  5. Although they are super cool, all it would take is a disruption in the electrical system to scramble commands.

  6. Ok 😎 Man . Thanks 🙏

  7. Leave the killing decisions to a i

  8. 4.50 min, ^ to back up the animation ^ , I'm sorry , I thoght thought you said this mil tech was real.

  9. There will be no crime when getting caught is assured. This is already taking place in parts of China.

  10. all this automated equipment makes me think the best counter would be hackers

  11. The title is really misleading tbh.

  12. The automated battle field can be jammed. Communications can slso suffer the same fate. A waste of money

  13. When the military industrial complex shows these weapons to the public, they already have a more advanced weapon. The US sells weapons and airplanes that are outdated to the allies countries. They sell an airplane that looks updated from the outside, but without the latest technology in the instruments panel.

  14. Boston Dynamic robots/ Darpa

  15. Need to get some of these to the Ukrainians

  16. So now kids playing video games have a future

  17. Sick industry. Sick people. Sick world. Makes me long for death right now. I have no hope for tomorrow…

  18. One Emp attack and it all goes to kingdom come.

  19. These robots weaponize will be use for the 1% because they can afford it. It will be used against malicious hate groups and American Terrorist. Robotic Robot will police the whole world entire Criminal organization. Racism will end and the new fighting is man vs Robotic killer’s control by Congress and the 1% while all human race become poor. That’s why they are creating the division so we can not keep up with their evilnesses while they build killer robots to take over mankind.

  20. Imagine what they’ve really got in some secret bunker ready for the drone wars

  21. Soon we should see the "metal gear" giant robot

  22. Is full Ai necessarily a good thing.

  23. I think it would be magnifiient not waste so much reource into elimination of nations and countries, instead to save humanity.
    What do you think military bastards?

  24. Hope they put more steel on the torrent top.
    Also geese are cheaper

  25. I wouldn't go automatic if I were them because they could loose control of them

  26. 🇺🇸🦾🦾🦾🇺🇸🦾🦾🦾💝💝💝💝🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🇺🇸🏆🥇🏅🥳

  27. People that think this is a good idea are fools. As soon as terrorists or rogue nations get ahold of these, it's over as the second amendment will become pointless as our hunting weapons will be useless against these things

  28. Machines are effective psychopaths

  29. Robots cannot replace soldiers


  31. What a waste. What else could we be doing with our time if we were not so busy thinking of ways to kill each other?

  32. One shot from my armor perceing buttets from my 300 mag and your robots are. Obsolete I

  33. Imagine someone managing to hack your whole army

  34. Black paint bombs. Blind them. Some way of delivering a mix of sodium bicarbonate and superglue could work … Don’t feel threatened – feel challenged to find tactical responses.
    Mobile EMP generators ? Crossbows with thermite bolts ?
    Use your imagination.
    Fugg ’The Gangbankster Group’.
    They are psychopathic gutless abominations.

  35. Half controlled half not controlled

  36. Although war is really about big Dark money profits . Tools of the Dark Force.
    How about we EVOLVE from warring
    against eachother and the Kingdoms of our beautiful garden planet.

  37. It's a shame we need these things at all

  38. Here comes Skynet…

  39. It's very nice to know the top five

  40. i think humans should control the damn robots since they might overdrive commands

  41. The reality of the fictional Skynet gets closer every day. Let the machines make their own decisions? Hell, what could possibly go wrong!

  42. back in the 70s,80s amd 90s we thought we would never see this stuff in our life time. welcome to AI

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