Top 5 Best Nollywood Movies On Netflix

Top 5 Best Nollywood Movies On Netflix

If you’re a Nollywood enthusiast, you’ll be glad to know that there is now an increasing amount…


  1. Why do you have the same actors in your movies. It's Iike watching episodes of one movie. Makeup is to white. I love Nolly wood

  2. Is it just me or is this woman extremely beautiful???

  3. Lionheart was a great movie

  4. Where can I find a good African movie app, to watch movie on my TV πŸ“Ί, all am seeing when I try to download jiji all it selling is clothes and car, I need a movie app

  5. Where can i find these Nigerian Movies ? any one help me

  6. I watched latest movies please

  7. Very interesting movies I love it and I have already watching it thank you for uploading

  8. Hello and thank you for this video. Last weak I saw lionheart and I loved it. Nollywood is a new theme to me. Your video came first on google and so I will watch the other films too. Many greetings from the south of Munich, Germany.

  9. I can't find falling on Netflix

  10. wow… i really love the way you edit your movie dear.. its super cool

  11. Nice one pls subscribe to my own jst a beginner

  12. A couple of days later,living in bondage can’t be left out

  13. Make a video for best action movies of nollywood pls

  14. The fifty series is a must watch for sure

  15. Chief Daddy and lionheart are definitely interesting

  16. Good video but i would refrain from spoiling the movies. Thank you for the video though

  17. I just did a similar vid but im sooo checking out the ones u recommended!!

  18. Pls hello this nexflix is it a site on YouTube or an app how can I get to it

  19. Top 4 you mean and not 5!

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