Top 5 Ancient African Inventions that first originated in Africa

Top 5 Ancient African Inventions that first originated in Africa

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  1. After all these inventions? Yes!

  2. Egypt may be in Africa but it’s not African! It’s more Middle Eastern

  3. you didnt mention the Ishango bones found in Ishango

  4. The more they try to destort our past history is the more the truth comes to light .. what's in the dark must come to light..

  5. South Africa had the first heart transplant 🇿🇦
    Yes we belong to Africa ❤


  7. Already in Africa there are some remedies for Covid 19 which were discovered but were not considered by WHO as a solution to the pandemic for some reasons so I think if Africa is given a chance it will give solutions to a lot of problems we have today

  8. Plus 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟💯‼✔✔✔

  9. Give Thanks FOR THE 👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾👉🏾FACT‼👑🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  10. Brother this was an Excellent video documentary. I will share. I. So tired of the white man telling our legacy. Talking about His-story. myths and superstitions.

  11. Commentez en français nous on'enten rien en anglais 👍❣️

  12. If the virus would have appeared in Ancient era, logically, no we would have not found a vaccine, and no one would have. Simply because, science in Ancient era was still lacking to combat viruses. Sure, we would develop herbal medicines that may or may not be as effective, but then again Covid-19 might not be as much prosperous or dangerous in those days due to mobility and activity of people of that era and the virus effect ( Transferred through inhale/exhale by touching contaminated surfaces +few days of incubation and 2-4 weeks illness may not be that strong to go viral). The dense modern cities, high population, great mobility and easy travel, abundance of surfaces are more make Covid-19 a strong virus in modern history era
    Nonetheless, African countries in general had more success with controlling the disease than many parts of the world.

  13. If only Africans can have confidence in themselves in building African countries to what we want them to be.

  14. Considering our great history it is not inconceivable to think that we would not have found a cure!!! One of the major obstacles in our quest to return to Greatness is lack of uniting the Continent,individualism is suffocating us….

  15. To answer your question,I believe Africa has every medicine we can think of. For example, Wormwood is known widely in South Africa that it cures influenza and has no side effects. Funny enough, it was never tested during the pandemic, I believe the main reason was because they can't tax it. If you you asked me, I would say that is why a lot of African methods have been wiped out of history, simply because it catered for people without any expense. This is an era of capitalists, were diseases are fabricated just to make profit, where ineffective vaccines are sold to countries despite the effects that might follow and where every medication has numerous side effects.

    My greatest desire for Africa to realise it's potential. I think there is far greater reason why our history has been wiped out. Mr Odera Oruka tried to salvage what is left through Sage Philosophy but that is still not enough. Our duty is find our who we truly are as the children on soil.

  16. This is why we need to be back home in the motherland so we can be healed

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