Top 5 African Inventions That Changed The World

Top 5 African Inventions That Changed The World

Top 5 African Inventions That Changed The World. In this video, I show you the Top 5 African…


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  2. You are talking SHIT , mr ! The people living there live like animals until recently . Civilisation came here from abroad ( over seas)

  3. I need to understand?

  4. The Egyptians definitely had a great deal of influence. It looks very much like the origins of sophisticated maths in Sub-Saharan Africa was Egypt. Most of the examples of early writing in Sub-Saharan Africa is based on Arabic. The truth is that Sub-Saharan Africa had an abundance of resources back then, so no need existed to create intensive farming or transport technology. Every thing desired was within easy reach. Trading is definitely something that was very important. As was war with tribes viewed as less worthy, to capture and enslave them, and exploit their lands. Africa was the world leader in this for many centuries.

  5. You forgot to mention the Afronauts. The Zambians almost made it to the moon before anyone else did.

  6. Thanks❤️ I always wanted to visit Africa and learn your culture.

    Love from Philippines

  7. it would be nice if any of this could be proven

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