Top 10 Things To Do In Diani, Kenya – DIANI TRAVEL GUIDE

Top 10 Things To Do In Diani, Kenya – DIANI TRAVEL GUIDE

Diani has been voted Africa’s leading beach destination for 5 years in a row! Talk about one of…


  1. It's been brought to my attention that holding starfish and sea urchins on the glass boat is very harmful for them and the marine life. Many of the captains even feed the fish with bread too to attract dozens of them.

    Please if you can, ask your captains not to do that!

    Cheers guys!

  2. Extremely great content ☑️👍

  3. Whats the best Season to visit diani beach thank you 😇

  4. Be careful of the beach boys who are sometimes criminals, rapists theives

  5. Great video! Informative n interesting… pls add star fish island at tiwi review.

  6. Was interested until he’s telling people to ride camels. So sad. Never ride the animals!

  7. I don’t need sunscreen lotion

  8. Fuck, am going to book the flight

  9. Thanks for this amazing well detailed video!! Considering moved recently to Kenya this is the best video to see.
    The perfect guide to the beauty of this country! Much love

  10. Do you know how many stomachs a cow has? 😉

  11. Hi i need a genuine opinion tht is it safe to travel to kenya…i hv seen so many videos of urs…bt generally it looks good…bt wh it comes to safety its a ???? So want ur input. Pls help…thanks

  12. Nice video. Love this place.😀

  13. I agree that Diani is great but Yul's Beach is at the top. Check their services here

  14. Which is the must stay hotel in diani? Kole Kole, Baobab beach resort, Swahili beach resort or Sands of Nomad?

  15. Hi Singh!, just subscribed to your very helpful videos!., i am planning to go there next year for 2 weeks and i still have to decided how to split between Lamu Island and Diani. 5 days in Lamu and 10 in Diani or 7 and 8…?, what would be your choice….?.Thanks. Best regards.Marcelo

  16. You don’t HAVE to!!! You can do all that touristy crap on your own without thieves tour companies!

  17. Team #capturedoncamerake is in the building, i like adventures too very relieving

  18. Thank you for this mate. I will be visiting Diani in March and this has been helpful. Subscribed. You a champ

  19. hello can you tell me what the weather is like there in august?

  20. Cool I visited their jjjjjjjjjjjj

  21. Thank you, but for me never, am afraid of all of that

  22. enjoyed it,nice one👌👌

  23. Anyone to keep me company during this festive season

  24. i have lived in Diani for many Years, i've never meet you.

    Do you really think, Diani is THE Place to be today ?

    You see, thats why i've never meet you, when the Times were good.

  25. Amazing content but just details missing, like camels stuf and more, details like prices…

  26. Surprising, our country and I have no idea about majority of this stuff.

  27. Love your videos! I'm from NYC and planning a trip to Kenya for Feb 2023 (I know, a long way out) and want to add the coast to my itinerary! Do you prefer Diani or Lamu?

  28. great and very helpful content

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