Top 10 Least Visited Countries in Africa 2020

Top 10 Least Visited Countries in Africa 2020

Top 10 Least Visited Countries in Africa
Welcome to Displore and thanks for watching. In this video we will be bringing you the top 10…


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  1. People won't visit Somalia because Somalians are leaving that country and they are telling the world that it's difficult to survive there

  2. Is egypt not on d list, dey are not friendly and don't think of themselves as africans

  3. Did you already make the top 10 most visited countries of Africa and the reasons why? That would be interesting: Egypt offers something no other country can do, like Tunisia and Morocco. I've visited all 3 of these countries, so I have a general idea of them, But what's about Algeria, Nigeria, Kenia, etc. . Maybe you are familiar to information that, most of us, don't have. This, of course, is just a suggestion according to my own curiosity, that I made since you asked in your very-very good video…

  4. I love your concise way to relate the topic which, by the way, is totally new to me. Congratulation on your stylish report!

  5. I doubt this list… there’s no even Egypt ??!! Hmmm 🤔

  6. Please check your information and reports. so people can trust you

  7. only one photo of South sudan belongs to it. the rest are from Sudan. and one of the them from Libya

  8. I am sure they are awsome to visit love from south Africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦

  9. Pretty sure vlogger Drew Binsky has been to every one of these.

  10. Gaddafi was toppled and killed by Libyans. At most you can say the west didn't intervene but why should they have?! They certainly didn't oust him. Don't perpetuate untruths. It's too easy to blame the west for Africa's problems….

    Its incredibly hard to qualify for a visa for Equatorial Guinea. And there is a strong feeling you are in a very unsympathetic military state which is powerful turn off for tourism. It is also very expensive and only cash is accepted, no credit cards… that was when I visited there twice. Glad I got to see this weird dictatorship. It's no wonder they are the 3rd least visited country.

    It's pretty amazing that you can see the Cameroon Volcano peak from across the Atlantic Malabo.

  11. This colonial and neo-colonial narration was pain to listen to, "rulers", they were criminals that acted as viruses… talk about the coups in Comores instead of saying French operative Bob Denard has been the instigators of these coups with France keeping the country in a chaos: the colonizers that never want to leave.

  12. Equatorial Guianea looks nice!!!❤️

  13. I would not visit Islamic prevalent country. It doesn't agree with my culture and customs . I would feel suppress and harassed .

  14. Imagine Somali was tourist country of east africa

  15. Better for them,they have less Covid-19 cases!

  16. I thought Zimbabwe was number one

  17. I have been doing some research about this topic for some time now

  18. This video is soo informative for me thankyou so much

  19. Ohh my goshh! I am a Cameroonian travel youtuber! My dream is to travel Africa especially the less known ones

  20. He lied about everything. unfortunately, i can not believe in what u are telling, is not true this information. However we encorage u to go on with ur work, this is important, ´coz it makes us take more interest about our motherland. sorry about my eng. Im from Angola "Portuguese".

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