Top 10 Least Educated Presidents in Africa

Top 10 Least Educated Presidents in Africa

#africatop10 Though we may not tag the governments of all poorly educated African presidents as absolutely bad, but on a general note,…


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  1. Zuma is a legend but the media won't admit it
    Mandela sold us out to the apartheid elite but the media won't tell the world
    We still mental slaves wake up

  2. How can these uneducated run their country ?

  3. Jacob zuma was the best president in South Africa despite of being not educated

  4. Here you list all leaders who are corrupt. And referring them is educated leaders. Come on man be serious. What really mean?

  5. You see, just goes to show that you can be successful without getting much education, or from having no education whatsoever.

  6. Ismail omer Gelle isn't the one you told. Be sure. He is the next or the one you told president of Mauritania.

  7. kkkkkk high school for president . not enough

  8. What is the purpose of this video..I am surprised with Pr. Of Nigeria however..

  9. Jacob Zuma can spend millions of dollars or rands but sadly can't count up to millions lol

  10. Please my brother , too much background music not necessary. You are coming with facts please let us hear them.

  11. Come on guys, the image for the number 5 prsident is the president of Mauritanian and not Djibouti as stated.
    You made the inverse error for the number 4.
    Please correct those mistakes!!!

  12. Sory. Nummber 4. Is a from east africa. Not. From moritania bro

  13. It's not all about school you attend, it's what you can do

  14. Completely ignorent. That is not Djebutes president and he doesn't blong here.

  15. See how Rwanda is growing faster with a president with low edu.hmmm.leadership is from birth.

  16. 2nacheki You mixed up the Presidents of Djibouti and Mauritania!

  17. It shows sometimes education is OVERRATED..remember when u get an higher education your getting SOMEONE ELSES THOUGHT on how things should be regarding that subject NOT YOUR OWN…I always say ,the most educated peolpe all work for people who went for the dream they had in their head OVER following what society says is the successful path……thats my president who wasn't on the list George Weah

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